Top 5 Cocktails To Help Achieve Flip Flop Bliss




Gin & Tonic: This is perfection over ice. Aviation gin is a current favorite along with Fever Tree or Fentimans tonic. Don’t forget the lime wedge.




Vodka + Soda: Are you seeing the theme here? Simplicity is key. This drink is made or broken by the vodka choice so choose wisely. Ketel One is solid and widely available option but feel free to branch out but for goodness sake avoid the well vodka.




Tequila sipper: This is NOT a shooter. A high quality tequila is a sip-able master piece. Casamigos and Herradura will treat you right. NO lime or salt – this isn’t a frat house.


Boiler Maker: The perfect combo of a shot of whisky to be sipped along with an ice cold lager. Don’t skimp on either and be sure to take it slow. I suggest a shot of Blanton’s Bourbon with nice clean lager. Reuben’s Brews Pilsner, Firerstone Walker Pivo Pils, Chuckanut Brewery’s Helles Lager, and Ayinger Bavarian Pilsner are all amazing options.




White Russian: You know you’ve achieved full Dudeness when you can confidently order this mixture of equal parts Kahlua, Vodka, and heavy cream over ice  – now you’re Doing Life Right.

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