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running in flip flops - ask flip flop daily

Can you provide some guidance on the best way to run in flip-flops?

Dear Flip & Flop,

Can you provide some guidance on the best way to run in flip-flops?

I always feel like I am about to take a dive or, worse yet, blow out a flip-flop!  


– Rainbow-for-life-guy-not-too-old-to-run-in-flip-flops 

Dear Rainbow

Flip: Thank you for your very important question.

The topic of running in flip flops is something we take very seriously and, in fact, have invested a great deal of time and effort researching here at our Flip Flop Daily Flip Flop Life laboratories. 

Flop: Research laboratories?

A half dozen or so hammocks strung between palm trees on the beach to maximize the sun/surf/shade ratio by daypart hardly constitutes a “research laboratory.” In this case, “research” and “nap” look an awful lot alike. 

FlipYes, I pondered this question from the research lab (hammock) and I think you’ll be quite interested in what I discovered. 

Flop: The only thing I saw you discover was that your beer was empty. 

running in flip flop risk

Flip: I’ve compiled my findings in the graphic above.

As you can see, that while the risks identified by Rainbow (falling or blowing out a flip flop) are real they are not the primary factors to consider and, in fact, may be the least of your worries when running in flip flops.

The biggest risk factor, by an astounding 50% is the failure to enjoy the Flip Flop Life. 

Stated more directly; to run in flip flops is to risk doing life wrong – shudder to think. The risk-reward just doesn’t pan out. 

Flop: What he’s trying to say is: Do Life Right. Don’t run in flip flops. 

Do life right, Flip Flop Daily, 

– Flip & Flop