Fashionably Traumatized

When I first unboxed these flip flops, along with the rest of the batch that came in, I knew immediately which one to choose. These were the classic “Sun’s out, guns out” flip flops, and with our upcoming trip to Bangkok where, although forecasted to rain on our parade, I still hoped to go swimming, [...]

Congratulations Aviation Gin 2018 Spirit of The Year

Dear Ryan Reynolds, Congratulations to you and to Aviation American Gin on winning the Flip Flop Daily Spirit of the Year Award. As someone from a country with no warm sandy beaches we suspect that you may be unfamiliar with flip flops and the flip flop life. Though we don’t know for sure, because no [...]

One too many – Hangover Flip Flop Cure

Okay, think. I got to the restaurant first and ordered a beer while I waited. One, ok, that’s one. Rob and Brandon showed up next and they each ordered a beer but not me. I was still on number one. Ok, still one. The other guys arrived a bit later. How am I still on [...]

The Next Big Thing

Flip Flop Daily is proud to announce a new and groundbreaking partnership with the world’s leading toe shoe manufacturer, Sho-cks. They’ve revolutionized the worlds of fashion and footwear by combining the sock, shoe, and glove. Vogue’s fashion and technology editor, Priscilla Flaneur, described them this way; “An entirely new and breathtakingly innovative ambulatory device that is every bit as practical as it [...]

Not My Primary Residence

There’s nothing quite like the first camping trip of the year. The memories to be made, adventures to be had, and rashes to be soothed that all lie ahead. Dizzy with that first trip anticipation I realize how out of practice I am as I reach for my roll aboard suitcase. What am I thinking!? [...]

How to: Grocery Shop

Going to the grocery store can often be a chore. Gathering a list. Driving to a crowded grocery store parking lot. Navigating packed aisles in a futile attempt to grab the items on your list as quickly as possible only to be stood up at the long checkout lines fretting over your response to the [...]

Flip Flop Daily Winter Survival Tips

For many the ability to live the Flip Flop Life year-round gets mucked up every winter. The ideal is to move to a place with sunny days year-round and a beach nearby. But for those that have to live through the cold, harsh reality of winter creativity is key. Like umbrella drinks, swimsuits and beach bunnies a flip flop’s natural habitat consists of warm sandy beaches and sun-soaked [...]

The Perfect Fit – Issue #1

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The Flip Flop Life – To The Point

I’ve stumbled upon a wonder sport that is on point for the flip flop life. Wikipedia describes the game this way, “… a sport in which small missiles are thrown at a circular board fixed to a wall.” I cannot think of a more intriguing and alluring description of any sport let alone one perfect [...]