Freewaters Supreme – No Caveats

Featured Image Source Every now and then a flip flop comes along that surprises us here at Flip Flop Daily. In need of flip flops to review I picked up a pair of Freewaters Supreme flip flops. I’d never heard of the Freewaters brand and was very skeptical. Why? Because the name Freewaters seems to [...]

Born Wharf Review – Prehistoric

Photo credit: Nordstromrack The Born shoe company has an established reputation for making comfortable shoes. Their vaguely Scandinavian sounding name has lent their unique aesthetic a Euro-hip vibe. I owned a pair of Born shoes many years ago and have fond memories them. They were comfortable without looking like “comfort” shoes. Because of this, I [...]

Rainbow Mariner Review – Still Going…

Featured Image Source Much of what is fashionable is driven by celebrities. People seem hard wired to play dress up and wear what they see their favorite headliners wear. Rainbow Sandals seems to know this well and have apparently created the Rainbow Mariner flip flop to elevate their brand and connect with celebrity fashion aware [...]

Fitflop IQuishion – IQuestion

Featured Image Source The Fitflop Iqushion Ergonomic flip flop boasts “comfort technology,” which sounds a bit like a euphemism one might use when describing the merits of an adult toy. Fitflops seems fixated on presenting itself as a key to fitness via the wonders of technology – within the confines of a flip flop. Who [...]

Hari Mari x Peter Millar – Fade Into You

Featured Image Source Hari Mari, the winner of the 2018 Flip Flop Daily Flip Flop of The Year award, has partnered with upscale country club inspired apparel brand, Peter Millar, to create a stunning new flip flop. The magic begins with the box. Constructed of a dark blue high gloss cardboard printed with the words [...]

Teva Mush II – Unsafe On Any Surface

Featured Image Source Unlike the infamous Chevrolet Corvair of the early 1960’s the Teva Mush II flip flop does not look sporty. I also assume that their complete lack of grip is not the result of placing profit over public safety as was the case for the Corvair. However, the phrase, “unsafe at any speed” [...]

Reef Draftsmen – Yuppie Casual

Alright, yeah they are sort of definition of casual footwear.  Upon arriving in my size I was excited and frankly a bit scared to slip on the classic Reef in tan leather.  Was I suddenly going to start wearing Tommy Bahama and hum the Miami Vice theme song?  There is a reason these are the quintessential flipflop – they [...]

Pacific Northwest Strong – Chaco Waypoint Cloud

Featured Image Source Winter in the Pacific Northwest brings with it a depression born of gray wet days and long soggy nights. Even the slugs seem to have cut out for a dryer scene. Desperate for a taste of summer I ordered a pair of Chaco Waypoint Cloud Flip Flops – in Maze Red. The [...]

Bourgeois Bliss – Easy Spirit “Nice Day” Flips

Featured Image Source Similar to their namesake, the Easy Spirit Nice Day flip flop offers marshmallow levels of comfort – marshmallow in that an effort to convey my impression of them requires an all-too-cliché expression. During my first day with these flip flops, a few thoughts ran through my head. I dreaded slipping my toes [...]
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