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SeaSense Flip Flops – Soothing to the Sole 

As an editor, I spend hours glued to my laptop screen. As you can imagine (or recall from experience) this tires out not only my brain but my eyes too. That’s why to soothe my tired eyes and my beach-loving soul, my workspace is full of blue.  

When I received the SeaSense flip flops to review, the color instantly made me feel calm, like a gentle wave rushing over. They were in a gorgeous shade of blue that looked like crystal-clear water reflecting the sky on a perfect day out at sea. Just seeing the SeaSense flip flops brought me back to my days exploring the beaches of the Philippines, riding little fishing boats to cross over to other nearby islands. I could almost reach out and feel the ocean running across my fingertips… 

I had to describe the SeaSenses this way because I can’t really say what shade of blue it is. At first glance, I thought they were teal. Then aqua. But then they also could be sky blue… SeaSense really did capture the essence of the ocean with this pair in a beautiful shade that almost changes depending on the light. 

Compared to my other pairs of flip flops, I could immediately tell that these were solidly built. While they just look like regular rubber flip flops, they had some heft to them which pleasantly surprised me.  

I’ve been using these flip flops for almost a year, so you can trust this is a long-term, no BS review. I’ve taken these flip flops to Bali, worn them to the beach pre and post surf, clocked miles in them walking around the streets of Canggu. I’ve also found myself grabbing them again and again as my inside shoes to slip into once I get home from work, the gym, or errands. 

They have held up well.  

The straps are made from soft, buttery smooth rubber that doesn’t chafe or blister my feet at all. I can wear these flip flops for hours with no issues. I’m pretty sure I’ve even run in them since they lived through my puppy’s growing-up phase. The straps don’t retain dirt or discolor through time and do a pretty great job at looking and staying clean. Although there is one issue: the straps have started to show some wear near the top post. Light, crinkly lines are beginning to show at the very top of the straps of both flip flops. The crinkles seem to be surface level and I hope they don’t destroy the strap – but I’ll update you if they do. 

The real stars of the show are the SeaSense soles. As perfectly described in our previous review, they have squiggly lines running horizontally across them which feel so nice to the touch. The texture feels wonderful on my feet, and they remind me of the comfort of stepping barefoot onto a children’s playmat or a nice, grippy yoga mat. I guess that’s where their magic comes from. They don’t feel like you’re wearing shoes at all. They feel like walking barefoot on a nice, comfy surface.  

Despite the nearly barefoot experience, they’re grippy and provide great traction and support. The soles feel much thicker than they actually are and can really hold up against various surfaces. I’ve put the SeaSense flip flops through different stress tests, from walking on slippery tiles throughout our villa to chasing my puppy who got loose on the road. They passed with flying colors (as I was NOT harmed throughout these experiments!). Plus, points for the fact that they make a very satisfying sound when they hit the ground, living up to the nickname “flip flop.” 

“I’ve put the SeaSense flip flops through different stress tests, from walking on slippery tiles throughout our villa to chasing my puppy who got loose on the road. They passed with flying colors.” 

On their website, SeaSense attributes their comfort to using natural rubber. This lends the added benefit of being better for the environment than traditional plastic flip flops. The materials used come from rubber trees, making them renewable and biodegradable. These flip flops Do Life Right, since they’re produced without releasing harmful chemicals and do not contribute to plastic waste. That’s a big win in my book. 

SeaSense flip flops are not only soothing to the eyes, but also soothing to the sole with their ultracomfy natural rubber construction that feels good while doing good for the planet. 

If you’re looking for a new pair of flip flops, without the guilt of contributing even more to plastic pollution – SeaSense is hard to beat. These are amazing flip flops that provide an incredible experience throughout every step of their journey.