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Gratitude and Giving Back – The Flip Flop Way 

Thanksgiving and gift-giving usher in the Christmas season. We take stock of our blessings, evaluate the past twelve months, and look ahead to the near and far future. This act of gratitude is timely and seasonal, but it need not be limited to those times of year. 

Many of us try to help others all year, but something about the holidays pulls at our heartstrings and wallets for those in need. Researchers have found that around 34% of all charitable giving takes place in the last three months of the year. December alone makes up 18% of all the charitable gifts given for the year. 

Here at Flip Flop Daily, we’re all about Doing Life Right and as the holidays roll in that means giving back to the community. 

1. What can you give? 

There are many skills that each of us can offer as helpers to community-based and nonprofit groups in our area. It doesn’t matter if you’re good at organizing or planning parties, raising money, or just having extra time to help people. You can make a big difference in their lives. 

2. It’s not always just money. 

Most groups need money, but they also need a lot of other things. Homeless shelters need socks, gloves, hats and flip flops – and you could hold a drive to collect these at work, church or in your neighborhood. The foundation you’re donating to would have spent money to buy this anyway, and since you’re giving something physical it can be used right away. 

3. Do your research. 

Although there are many groups you can volunteer with, it’s best to pick at least a few that you care about or feel connected with. Is there any special cause that’s close to your heart? Were you close to your grandma and grandpa growing up? There might be an old folks home that needs your help. Does a big part of you life revolve around your dog? There are strays in our neighborhood that might need some love too. All acts of charity are fulfilling, but they mean so much more wen its for a cause you truly support. 

4. Create a ripple effect. 

Encourage others to join in the spirit of giving. Alone, our impact is limited, but together, we can change the world. Express your gratitude this year by giving back – and encouraging others to do so too. 

 When you’re thankful, you can make it even more powerful by turning standard gift-giving occasions into opportunities for collective giving. Everyone comes out ahead in this situation. The gift of giving multiplies the warmth and joy for everyone involved. 

Gratitude and thankfulness aren’t just holiday activities; they’re something to strive for every day, (even every moment!) It’s a habit that gives back mentally, physically, and interpersonally. 

This holiday season, Do Life Right by giving back to the community. It’s good not only for the elderly, sick and needy in your community – but for you too. 

It’s time to Do Life Right!     
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