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Flip Flop Of The Year Contnender – Aerusi Braided Flip Flop

Aerusi arrives on the scene with these wonderful flip flop flops.

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Aerusi Braided Flip Flop

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Aerusi Women’s Braid Flip Flops – Simple Perfection

Rummaging through my bag of flip flops, this pair caught my eye. Not going to lie, I felt that I was running out of flip flops with style points, so I was happily surprised to find this pair of Aerusi Women’s Braid flip flops. 

While they aren’t particularly dazzling, I reveled in their simplicity. With alternating colors for the footbed, midsole, outsole, and strap. Along with the rustically designed toe post, the Aerusi’s called to me. They are a Coachella girl’s dream. Designs similar to those done by stick and needle tattoo artists run across the footbed, giving it a supremely chic look. On a superficial level, these flip flops were to die for. 

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