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Flip Flops and Fashion – A Look at the Latest Trends  

Flip flops are back in style, but not in the way you might think. 

Now, this is one of the easiest trends to follow… 

This summer, flip flops are one of the hottest shoe styles. Flip flops and Fashion in one.

Of course, heels, ballet pumps, and mesh shoes will always be in style, but it’s not always about making a statement. It’s not always about picking shoes that ‘offset’ or make your outfit stand out. And it’s not about spending a lot of money on painful shoes that will make you look good in an Instagram photo but make you feel terrible all day… 

Sense a pattern? It’s not just you. 

It looks like shoe lovers all over the world are getting sick of fussy, awkward shoes that are all about style over function. And that was never clearer than on the streets of Copenhagen during fashion week, when everyone was wearing flip-flops. 

However, unlike last summer, when chunky, platform, “fashion” flip-flops were all the rage (thanks mostly to The Row’s cult Ginza sandal), this season’s street style crowd is more interested in the original, pared-back, slimline shape. 

This shoe moment is fuss-free and very low-key, making it the perfect time to join another big trend this season: the wrong shoe theory. 

The Wrong Shoe Theory 

The simple rubber flip-flop used to only go with a bikini on vacation mornings when you walked to find a sun lounger or leggings when you had to take out the trash (they’re great to have by the front door for quick trips outside), but this season they’re going with everything. And, like the wrong shoe theory says, the less obvious the match, the more likely it is to look good. 

Not many outfits would look good with an old school flip-flop right now, as you can see from some of the most popular street style closets. 

Think dainty summer dresses offset with casual flip flops – or wide-leg pants with a slim-fit pair that won’t weigh your outfit down. 

Besides, who wouldn’t want a shoe you can pair with casual outfits that are comfortable, inexpensive, and cute? That’s a big style win right there. 

These are some of our favorite styles to shop right now. They would look great with your favorite summer dress or your favorite loose-leg pants, whether you’ve had them (maybe secretly) for years or you’re ready to switch out your chunkier sandals for something a lot easier to wear. 

It’s time to Do Life Right!      
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