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Flip & Flops: Do’s & Don’t’s – Caring for Your Flip Flops

Protect and preserve your favorite flops by following these flip flop do’s and don’t’s. So you can Do Life Right – Flip Flop Daily.

Do: clean flip flops regularly

If you want to get the most from your flip flops, clean them at least once a week (ok, maybe not weekly but as often as needed). When your flip flops look their best so will your feet.

Don’t: Wait until the funk is too…funky.

Freshen your flip flops regularly – don’t wait until it’ stoo much to be in the same room as your flip flops. Sprinkle ‘em with baking soda and let sit overnight. In the morning either dust off the backing soda and hit the bricks or give them a quick rinse. Your nose (and friend’s noses) will thank you.

Don’t: Wear the same pair every day

If you don’t want your flops to get dirty too quickly, rotate them with another pair. This will also delay its wear-and-tear process.

Do: Keep your feet clean

The biggest contributing factor for dirty flip flops? Dirty feet! So make an effort to keep your feet clean and make sure they are thoroughly dry before wearing your flip flops.

Do: Check out Flip & Flop’s quick tips for cleaning your flip flops

Rubber flip flops can be immersed in water; suede and leather flip flops have special cleaning techniques to follow. Follow manufacturer’s guide on how to clean your flip flops in a manner that won’t compromise their look and quality. Check out the full list here.