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Going on Adventures in Flip Flops

Going on Adventures in Flip Flops

You’ve been working real hard. Good job meeting those deadlines! It’s time for a well-deserved break to relax and recharge. You’ve earned the right to treat yourself to a vacation. You must be excited! All packed and ready to get going on for a trip abroad? Whether you’re planning to relax at the beautiful beaches in the Maldives, or go on a shopping spree in Thailand, or maybe even hike across beautiful landscapes in Peru, it’s always best to pack your trusty pair of flip flops with you. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Flip flops are only good to wear on the beach. They’re ideal for walking along the shore. When you want to go swimming or surfing, you can just leave them on the sand near your beach towel and get them later (granted of course that you remember where you placed them and that hopefully, nobody tries to steal them). Flip flops are also convenient to store and bring onboard a boat in case you want to do some snorkeling, jet skiing, parasailing, and other watersports. Flip flops are the most convenient footwear for beach activities since you expect to get them wet and you can quickly dry them off. You can also easily clean the sand and small shells that stick onto the slippers by giving them a quick rinse or by simply shaking them off. However, apart from the beach, flip flops are actually the most useful and practical footwear for all travel destinations because of their style, comfort, convenience, durability, and versatility. 

Let’s say you plan to go on a laid-back trip where your only agenda is to lounge around at a good hotel or resort. Your mantra is to eat, sleep, and repeat… and maybe do a little shopping for souvenirs. Flip flops offer the best everyday style for enjoying all the facilities and amenities of your hotel or resort such as the pool, gym, spa, and the like. A pair of trendy flip flops makes you look good and makes you feel most at home. If you want to make a quick trip to the market, try some street food or local delicacies, and visit the nearby souvenir shops or bargain marts, flip flops would be the best way to casually stroll around the streets in. Moreover, if you ever get a little bored and want to go for a night out at the bar or club, imagine yourself in your stylish flip flops, just chilling and having a drink with the locals. Flip flops make you feel more like a local yourself as you immerse yourself in the rich culture and experience whilst meeting new people and making lasting memories. 

Now, let’s say you plan to go an adventurous trip to get more in touch with nature. You want to experience the adrenaline rush of hiking, trekking, caving, canyoneering, and rock climbing where the most picturesque views are the best reward. Flip flops offer maximum durability and versatility for engaging in these thrill-seeking activities. A pair of perfectly fit flip flops hugs the shape of your feet and gives you the much needed support for your body weight. A pair of comfy flip flops also cushions your feet and protects your skin from sharp rocks or hard debris in your path. In addition, a pair of non-slip flip flops provides you with the necessary grip and a stable foothold to easily walk or climb different types of terrain. In fact, for hiking or trekking across rivers and waterfalls, it’s actually much better to wear flip flops rather than closed shoes. Closed shoes trap water along with small pebbles and twigs, which makes the long journey quite uncomfortable and ultimately injures and infects your soaked feet. 

Not much of an adrenaline junkie? Instead of getting touch with nature, you’d much rather get in touch with your spiritual side. Taking some time off to visit a few temples and to learn more about different types of religion is a good way to exercise not only your body, but also your mind and soul. Temples have giant statues or monuments of gods and commonly built on higher ground. In fact, many temples have certain levels or divisions which symbolize the different body parts of the god or deity – starting with the feet at the lowest level… all the way up to the head at the highest level. As such, you need to climb a lot of stairs to reach the different levels. Once inside the temples, you most likely will be asked to remove your shoes as a means of showing respect. Flip flops offer excellent comfort and convenience for visiting temples. Who knows? Maybe you can end up finding god in your flip flops. 

For those who are traveling with children or are still kids at heart, let’s say you plan to go on exciting trip to a theme park, waterpark, or zoo. You just want to run free and get lost in a fantasy land. Flip flops offer optimal comfort that will last you all throughout the day. These parks are gigantic, spanning across hectares upon hectares of land. They normally give you a map of the entire area so that you don’t get lost. Needless to say, there is much ground to cover. Flip flops enable you to comfortably walk the entirety of the park so you can see all the different attractions. Actually, forget walking. If you want to catch all the shows or parades, you may have to run to get there on time. Not to mention if you happen to spot your favorite character or mascot, you may have to sprint to get your picture taken with them. Flip flops will also help you ease your pain as you stand and wait in long lines for access to different rides. Moreover, since it’s typical for all parks to have some form of interaction with animals such as feeding times or petting areas, you’re better prepared to get down and dirty in your flip flops. Furthermore, it’s quite impossible nowadays to not get wet at these parks. There’s Splash Mountain or Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland, Jurassic Park or Waterworld at Universal Studios, and SeaWorld… need I say more? In the spirit of fun, I guess it’s considered funny and entertaining for audiences to get a little (or a lot) wet during rides and performances. You wouldn’t want to miss out on all the fun just because you didn’t bring your flip flops with you. 

Now that we’ve envisioned your upcoming adventure, it’s better to pack two pairs of flip flops with you just in case. They’re light and convenient to store in your luggage anyways. Plus, they can serve as your room slippers in your hotel. With flip flops, you won’t have to sacrifice style, comfort, convenience, durability nor versatility. Wherever your destination might be, flip flops have proven to be the most useful and practical footwear. Don’t be afraid to try new things or to fully immerse yourself in the experience. Get the most out of your travels abroad in your trusty pair of flip flops! 

It’s time to Do Life Right!    

What are you waiting for? We hope these destinations inspire the spirit of adventure in you. If you want to add some spice to your routine, say goodbye to the city and hello to the island, let’s go!     

Don’t forget to pack appropriately. You won’t need those stuffy business suits or constricting dress shoes. A comfy and stylish pair of flip flops will do.     

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