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cleaning your flip flops

Flip & Flop’s Guide to: Cleaning Your Flip Flops

Rubber Flip Flops

  1. Use the baking soda treatmentRun your flip flops under warm water. Sprinkle with baking soda and leave it on for at least 5-10 minutes. Use an old toothbrush to scrub them all over. Rinse off with clean water and air dry in a shaded location (intense direct sunlight can actually melt and warp rubber flip flops).
  2. Use the wash cycle Not into the hands on? No problem, place your dirty flops into a washable mesh bag and toss them into the washing machine. Set the machine to its gentlest setting and use only cold water. Add a very small amount laundry detergent (or not) and hit “start”. When they cycle’s remove from the washer and air dry. Don’t use the dryer and never put directly under the sun (see above for why).
  3. Use the deep clean method
    This works by immersing your flip flops in a warm (NOT HOT) soapy solution for at least two hours, using a more abrasive brush cleaner to removing stubborn stains, and then rinsing them with a hose. Let them air dry.

Suede Flip Flops

  1. Use a suede brush. It is specially designed to provide a gentle means of cleaning the suede flip flops’ napped finish. Make sure your footwear is completely dry before attempting to clean them so you can avoid scuff marks. Keep all brushing strokes in one direction to gently raise the nap and get rid of all layered dirt trapped deep in the fibers.
  2. Use a pencil or stain eraser for dirt that has set in. Rub the pencil/stain eraser over the affected areas and apply pressure while doing so until the stain has completely disappeared.
  3. Use a shaving razor. This will help restore the smooth texture of the suede flip flops. But be careful that you don’t wreck your flops.
  4. Apply a suede protectant spray so that they won’t get too dirty next time you wear them and to make the cleaning process much easier in the future.

Leather Flip Flops

  1. Rub away visible dirt and debris with a soft damp (not soaked) cloth. Use dry soft cloth or an old toothbrush to avoid leaving a permanent mark on your leather flip flops.
  2. Apply leather cleaner or saddle soap to a moistened washcloth. Use gentle wiping motions over affected spots.
  3. Use a different damp cloth to wipe away lather created by the washing process. Make sure to introduce as little moisture as possible while doing so.

And there you have it, Flip & Flop’s guide to keeping your flip flops clean. Be sure to check out flipflopdaily.com for reviews, advice, and flip flop tips so you can Do Life Right – Flip Flop Daily.