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Hainan: The Hawaii of China

There are few places in the world as relaxing as Hawaii. The breathtaking natural beauty, warm culture, and tropical climate make Hawaii a popular vacation and retirement destination. However, it is very expensive to live here.  

Luckily, there are alternatives if you’re willing to travel. East Asia is a great choice for those looking to move and expand their business. There are several getaways where you can find peace and tranquility amid the megacities and skyscrapers of this region. You can easily live both island life and metropolitan city life in East Asia! 

Hainan Island, nicknamed the Hawaii of China, is a little island paradise tucked here. It’s a small, beautiful island off the coast of Guangdong province in southern China.  

Hainan has attracted exiles for centuries. Sitting at the southernmost tip of China, the island was where the emperor sent his enemies for exile. The island was a haven for Communists fleeing the crackdown in Shanghai during the 1920s and 1930s. But today, that same remoteness has drawn a different kind of exile: refugees from mainland pollution and urban bustle.  

Tourists from all over the world flock to the city for its tropical weather and clean air. A tropical rainforest covers 61.5% of the island, and renewable energy is used to power the whole of Hainan. 

This gives Hainan its clean and healthy air. Meanwhile, the rest of China struggles with air pollution. According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, air pollution is above the national standard in 69 cities across China. Even in the heart of Hainan’s largest city, there was only 25.6 mg per cubic meter of fine particular matter, making it much cleaner than the national standard. 

If that’s not enough reason to visit, there are tropical coastal areas, well-preserved rainforests, geothermal hot springs, and rich ethnic customs to enjoy on the island.  

Hainan’s tropical climate attracts 25 million tourists each year, abandoning the cold winters of northern China and Russia for its year-round warmth. Sanya, the capital city, is home to several high-end beach resorts that attract millions of Chinese tourists every year.  

But Hainan isn’t just a wonderful place to visit. From an economic perspective, this is one of the best places to live in China. Hainan is the country’s largest free trade zone driving economic growth and reforms. The southern capital Hainan was dubbed China’s best performing economy for the year 2022 thanks to rapid expansion of foreign investment.  

Despite this, Sanya is one of the world’s least expensive cities, ranking in the top 28%. For one person without rent, the average cost of living here is 683 USD. It is therefore very popular with retirees, expats, and anyone looking for a better quality of life.  

From the healthy environment to the inviting business climate, Hainan truly is a paradise for anyone who needs exile from city life. Come to Hainan to Do Life Right – enjoy fresh ocean air and breathtaking nature while growing your international business. 

Do Life Right now!  

So, what are you waiting for? We hope these destinations inspire your sense of adventure. Say goodbye to the city and hello to the island if you want to spice up your routine!  

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