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Flip & Flop’s Quick Guide: How to DO LIFE RIGHT

It’s best to think of Doing Life Right as a skill one must hone through practice and repetition in order to achieve flip flop bliss. Embracing the flip flop philosophy is the first step in the process.

Whether you are a highly competitive, extremely organized, and overly ambitious Type A personality or you’re more of a carefree, effortlessly chill, and roll-with-the-punches character – you should find beauty and meaning in flip flops.


  • Find the right pair and wear them anytime you’re able.
  • Pick the perfect music and drink combo to go with your flip flops to allow you to bask in the moment. 
  • Make flip flops your footwear and year-round companion through high and low seasons of life.

These three simple tips will help you Do Life Right:

  1. Don’t make a big fuss out of it.
    Just wear your flip flops every damn place you please. If you’re wondering how far you can push the boundaries of flip-flop appropriate settings, you can check out our advice and suggestions here.
  2. Live in the moment.
    Spend less time overanalyzing things and more time taking pleasure in the life you have right now. There’s no better gift than appreciating the laid-back easiness, simplicity, and serenity that comes with living in flip flops – especially with some mad, rad pairs we’ve reviewed to help you Do Life Right.

  3. What would Flip & Flop do?  This is a good gauge of whether you are on the right path toward doing life right – ask what Flip & Flop would do in your situation.

Lose the uncomfortable shoes. Wear flip flops and Do Life Right.