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White Sand Christmas

I’m Dreaming of a White Sand Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner. How time flies! While normally, we’re all about cozying up by the fireplace and sipping hot cocoa, this year we want to do something different.   

For people in many parts of the world, the holiday season brings about memories of snow and fireplaces.  But while the weather is getting more and more frightful, do you know what really sounds delightful? A White Sand Christmas.   

Here at Flip Flop Daily, our mantra is Do Life Right. For Christmas, that means we’re all for days that are merry and bright. Literally. We’re chasing the sun for the holidays. Who said Christmas needs to be cold? We think it would be fun to experience the holidays with our toes in white sand instead of buried in socks, boots, and snow.   

Many countries with a tropical climate celebrate the holidays sans the cold. That means you can celebrate the fuzzy Christmas spirit while also soaking in actual warmth.  Imagine what it would be like to gift yourself with a tropical island adventure, a sun-kissed tan and new memories to last a lifetime. Now, that’s the holiday edition of Doing Life Right. 

The upcoming holidays are the perfect time to start a new tradition that redefines the idea of a “White Christmas.” We suggest making it a White Sand Christmas.   

Spending your holidays in the tropics is a surefire way to create amazing new memories with your friends and family this year. If you’ve been dreaming of a beach getaway, now is the perfect time to book it.   

Most families have a tradition of spending Christmas at home. That’s great in normal times – as usually, families don’t see each other much. Between going to work, dating, and catching up on socials, the holidays are a great time to bond with your family and stay in together. However, with more and more people working from home, spending time together at home has lost its novelty.   

How about taking the whole family on a beach trip instead? If there’s a good time to make new traditions, it’s right now. Going on vacation instead of staying home for the holidays means you’ll leave the holiday stress at home.   

Wrapping up the year can always get a bit stressful, so there’s nothing like a relaxing beach trip to recharge and unwind. Spending the holidays away from home means you’ll get a longer break from the Christmas rush and holiday madness. Instead of hosting guests or running from party to party, you could be chilling by the beach with a good book or cocktail (or both) in hand. Doesn’t that sound more like a holiday to you?   

You don’t need fancy clothes or shoes. Just your swimsuit, shorts, and flip flops. If you need suggestions on a new pair to take along, we’ve got you covered with our reviews and shopping list.  

A White Sand Christmas is your chance to take a break from the cold weather. Winter has its own charm, but sunny weather is proven to uplift your physical and mental health. Sunlight helps reduce stress, improve your immune system and fight off depression. Before the year ends, it would be great to soak in sunshine and charge yourself to start the new year strong.  

The icing on the cake is that beach resorts usually give the best deals during the holiday season. December is outside their peak season so they entice guests to spend the holidays by slashing prices on their rooms and packages. While most people spend their Christmas at home, you can enjoy a nice resort getaway with a smaller crowd than usual.   

Your new “White Christmas” experience wouldn’t be complete without outdoor fun. Luckily, even if your kids are used to snow – you can make sand angels or build snowmen (sandmen?) in the sand. There are fun tropical touches you can do to spin on usual Christmas activities. These are sure to delight your family members young and old alike.  

If you’re thinking of where to go, a quick web search will show you destinations where travel restrictions have eased up. In the USA, scenic Hawaii and sunny Miami boast summer weather all year round. These destinations are a quick plane ride away and are gorgeous backdrops for your White Sand Christmas photo. If you want to explore South America, Cancun, Mexico and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil are popular hot spots for tourists who want to enjoy the beach any time of the year.  

If you’re feeling more adventurous why not venture out to the Canary Islands in Spain? While the rest of Europe shivers as temperatures drop, here even the coldest days only reach 65 degrees. If you want to venture out even further, explore the incredible islands in Southeast Asia such as Siargao or Boracay in the Philippines, which boast white sand beaches and breathtaking landscapes and adventures. Just thinking about these beautiful places makes me want to get up and pack my bags right now!  

What are you waiting for? Let’s go celebrate our White Sand Christmas together this year. If you’re looking for the perfect gifts for your family and friends, send them flip flops. It will transport them straight to the tropics and get excited about your big getaway.   

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