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flip flop or sandal

Is A Flip Flop A Sandal?

Dear Flip & Flop,

What is the difference between Flip Flops and Sandals?


Dear Wondering,

Flip: Dear reader this is a very important question and one I feel remiss for not yet addressing here on our humble forum sooner.

To my mind the world of whisky provides a very nice analogy…

Flop: Get to the point man. You are always over complicating things. It’s simple: Hippies and children wear sandals, everyone else wears flip flops. Next question.

Flip: It isn’t that simple my friend. As usual you are missing the point.

As I was saying, whisky encompasses a broad range of distilled beverages made from grain mash. This, as you may imagine is a very expansive umbrella as grain encompasses wheat, barley, and corn to name just a few.

As each grain is unique so is the distilled product made from each. As an illustration, which of us would be satisfied with a bowl of wheat when requesting corn? As such there is a wide range of variety within the world of Whisky. Bourbon, for example, is whiskey that has been distilled (most typically) from corn mash. All bourbon is whisky yet not all whisky is bourbon…

Flop: For crap sake, I need a bourbon and a whisky after hearing you drone on like this!

Flip: Ignore him. So, you see, flip flops are a type of sandal yet not all sandals are flip flops.

Perhaps another example will help illustrate the point. Consider the automobile …

flipflops and sandals

Flop: You sound like a twit. Here’s the difference.

You can put on flip flops without using your hands or bending over. Sandals require a lot of bending and the use of both hands. Hippies are always sitting on the ground anyway so they don’t mind all the bending, strapping and buckling needed for sandals.

Flip: He’s got a point

Do life right, Flip Flop Daily,

-Flip & Flop