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Jeju Island A Colorful Destination to Live In

Jeju Island: A Colorful Destination to Live In

South Korea is no longer overshadowed by China and Japan as an expat destination. Many visitors choose South Korea for vacation, short-term trips, and gap years. It’s becoming increasingly common for people to stay as a long-term resident. 

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Korea is Jeju Island. It’s a vacation spot off the southern coast with weather and flora that are almost tropical.  

Prominently featured in Korean TV shows, Jeju Island is a go-to haven for those who love outdoor activities, and for most vacation breaks for Korea.  

The most beautiful times of year on Jeju Island are during spring (April) for the famous cherry blossom season and fall (October) for beautiful autumn foliage. Summer, from June to August, is also perfect for hiking and other activities but it is also the wettest season. 

Jeju is home to the country’s best theme parks and tourist attractions, but these pale in comparison to the incredible natural wonders on this island. For those who love to hike and explore mountains and trails, there are beautiful places to explore such as the dormant volcano Seongsan Ilchulbong, the Olle Trails which go through the whole island and South Korea’s highest mountain Mount Halla.  

There are also many interesting cultural traditions to experience in Jeju Island. You can watch the haenyo – generations-old female free-divers who make a living off what they catch in the sea or visit Jeju Folk Village and Seongeup Folk Village where you can see beautifully reconstructed buildings and learn about the island’s history.  

Jeju Island is known for its exquisite seafood which is used in their Korean-style cooking, complete with side dishes and kimchi. Abalone porridge and seafood stew are both a must-try try. Jeju is also known for locally grown citrus fruits, especially the Hallabong and Cheonhachyang orange varieties. 

The island is blessed with several wonders of nature – from Asia’s longest lava tube Manjanggul Cave to the Samyang Black Sand Beach and the honeycomb-shaped Jusangjeolli Cliff. The island is also home to the beautiful waterfalls: Jeongbang Waterfall, Cheonjiyeon Waterfall, and Cheongjeyeon Waterfall. 

Jeju Island is a very promising option for those who want to relocate and find great business opportunities. Here, you can enjoy an incredible quality of life for less than it costs to live and play in most places in the United States or Europe. 

Jeju Island has an international airport and many upscale resorts and hotels. There are unique and world-renowned tourist destinations such as the kinky amusement park Love Land and the weekly Shining Light Flea Market.  It’s a great place to live, especially if you work in the hospitality or travel industry.  

The fastest way to get to Jeju Island is via airplane. They have an International Airport on the northern part of the island, making it easy to access. If you fly to Seoul, the capital of Korea, a connecting flight to Jeju would only take a little over an hour. From the southern coastal city of Busan, it’s less than an hour. 

The average cost of living in Jeju is 1,000 USD, close to the world average. You can expect to pay 68.4% less on rent than you would in the US yet spend 35.2% more on groceries. Overall, you still save money from living in Jeju as it is 10% cheaper to live here than in the US. 

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What are you waiting for? We hope these destinations inspire the spirit of adventure in you. If you want to add some spice to your routine, say goodbye to the city and hello to the island, let’s go!  

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