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Koboko Welcome to the Flip Flop Life Featured

Koboko Welcome to the Flip Flop Life!

Today’s post is a first for us. But that is because it’s not every day that a new flip flop player arrives on the scene.

So, when we were contacted a few months ago by the folks at Koboko to announce that they were launching a new flip flop company we were intrigued and interested to see what they planned on bringing to the party.

While we have not tested their flip flops yet, we did get the chance to touch and feel a few samples (not in our size sadly) and sit down with their founder, Kunle Abidoye, and learn a bit about his vision.

The folks at Koboko are living their philosophy of “carve out your own path.” 

They are in the process of raising enough capital to launch their full line in a full size run via a crowdfunding campaign that launched on October 16th.  They need to raise $30k to get Koboko rolling.  

The folks at Koboko are living their philosophy of “carve out your own path.”  Their design is unique, and it is obvious that a lot of thought and care have gone into every aspect of these flip flops. They have a very distinctive footprint tread design which is carried up to the footbed.

Abidoye explained that this is more than just a design feature, it’s designed to accelerate break-in, increase traction and reduce foot fatigue.

Koboko Welcome to the Flip Flop Life Image
The Koboko Malbec leather flip flops look amazing

We saw a really cool looking, and well made, leather pair of Koboko’s plus a couple very beach friendly rubber versions. The styling and vibrant colors are very attractive and a refreshing break from the sea of bland black and brown flip flops that flood the market.

Koboko flip flops have the potential to be very Dude friendly even beyond their “carve out your own path” philosophy. They describe their flip flops in The Dude’s own language as “unmistakable, utilitarian, & beautiful.” The Dude is very excited get his hands (feet) on a pair in his size and take them for a test drive.

If you are as well be sure check out their crowdfunding site and maybe even support them if you can. We hope to see Koboko’s at the party soon, they’ll be a welcome addition to the Flip Flop Life.

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