hari mari Nokona – Game Changed

Featured Image Source I wonder what it was like to be the best, or among the best, players in baseball before 1914? I imagine that they had a well-earned elevated sense of pride and accomplishment. They were the best in the game after all. But then, in 1914 a 19-year-old juvenile delinquent, raised in a boy’s home after being given up by his parents at age 7, entered major league baseball. We’ve been talking [...]

REACTION Kenneth Cole – Pulp Reality

Featured Image Source Having spent the majority of my career on the fringe of the fashion industry I’ve learned that there are just a handful of folks who decide what is in fashion and what isn’t. At the top of the fashion eco-chain are those who truly have a clear confidence for their “look.” They [...]

Hunter Original Flip Flop – Imperial Comfort

Featured Image Source Over the past decade Hunter turned the knee-high rubber work boot, born of necessity when working in and amongst muck, into a must have fashion piece for the aspiring aristocrat. While the working man can best the aristocrat when it comes to physical labor, the aristocrat often bests the working man when [...]

Feelgoodz – Comfortably Lazy

Featured Image Source Have you ever worn something and never wanted to take it off? It molded to your body in such a way that it must have been made specifically for you, and you alone. No one could possibly look and feel as good in them as you, and you couldn’t be convinced otherwise. [...]

Olukai Ohana

Featured Image Source Having had a Hawaiian roommate my freshman year of college does not make me an expert on all things Hawaii. Though we shared a room roughly the size of a cell in Folsom prison for a year we were never really “close.” However, living in close quarters with my Hawaiian roommate I [...]

Ipanema – Douchey Quarterback

Featured Image Source Slick. Stylish. Suave. From the outside looking in, they exude an aura of unattainable perfection. Without even touching them, you can already tell that you won’t be able to keep your hands off ‘em.  You find yourself gazing off into the distance, thinking they were made for you – even though you [...]

Bumpers – Kind of Like Crutches

Featured Image Source “These feel weird. Have you ever worn weird ones like these?”, were the first words to escape my lips as I took my first steps in these flip flops. True to their name these Bumpers are exactly that: bumpy. Actually, bumpy and painful. As the flip flop’s defining factor you’d think that [...]

That Little Black Dress (Chaco EcoTread)

Featured Image Source This could be the shortest review ever. They are great.  They fit perfectly.  The arch support is amazing. The thong is the right tension. Everything perfect. But why so easy? It’s like these are the “little black dress” that every woman needs.  They fit nice and accentuate the best parts of my [...]

Seasick – N(i)dengbao Flip Flops

Featured Image Source Despite what I may have told Sally Sanders that summer between freshman and sophomore year of college, I am not a doctor. Nor am I a Naturopath (hipster for witch doctor). However, I think I have stumbled upon a significant medical discovery. This is thanks to a pair of Nidengbao brand flip [...]