The Great Shower Shoe Migration

Featured Image Source I cannot be the only one to wonder; which came first, the soccer player or the shower shoe flip flop? These shoes were once rarely seen outside of a locker room. There, they served bravely as the last line of defense against athlete’s foot. The migration of these one-strap flops, aka “slides”, [...]

Flojo Alonzo – They’re Fine

Featured Image Source Vanilla ice cream, Toyota Camry, ball point pens and grape jelly share the same affliction. They are each –  just fine. Few people get excited about any of them yet no one hates them. As a kid, when I’d be at a friend’s house and his parents would ask, “who wants ice [...]

Known but not Sought After – Sanuk Fraid Not

Featured Image Source That new Chinese place….well it’s not that new anymore. The one that the Johnsons always talk about, the one you wrote off long ago because well…the last time you had any culinary interaction with the Johnson’s it was the equivalent of hotdog macaroni cheese. I mean it’s got the basics; carbs, dairy [...]

Reef Voyage Review – Home

Featured Image Source Today I get to review a pair of Reef Voyage flip flops and what a voyage it’s been. While wearing these flip flops I found myself wondering what is it about certain articles of clothing that makes them special? We all have a favorite tee shirt, sweatshirt, or pair of sweat pants. It’s the first thing we reach for after a long day [...]

The first rule of Crocs – tell everyone about your Crocs

Featured Image Source I hate myself.  For twenty years I’ve avoided the cult that is the “Croc crowd.”  More, I hate myself for loving these flip flops. I hate that they are so damn comfy. I hate that they are very practical. I hate that they don’t look terrible. And I hate mostly because I’ve [...]

Tommy Bahama Fiji Review – Silver Fox Meet Trophy Wife

Featured Image Source Tommy Bahama is a brand geared toward successful upper middle-class men nearing or just after retirement. Their neo-Hawaiian inspired button up short sleeve shirts, khaki shorts and flip flops are a staple among the cruise ship, luau, and wine club scene.   The Tommy Bahama Fiji flip flop carries their iconic silver fox styling from head to toe. Their trade-marked sail fish icon leaps from the leather pad above the toe post. The aqua blue strap with [...]

Rider Dunas II Review – The Sequel

Featured Image Source It is rare for a sequel to measure up to, let alone surpass, the original. For every Godfather II, there is a slew of disasters. I missed the original Rider Dunas, so I cannot say for sure if the Rider Dunas II meets or exceeds the original. But I can say that [...]

Ipanema – Douchey Quarterback

Featured Image Source Slick. Stylish. Suave. From the outside looking in, they exude an aura of unattainable perfection. Without even touching them, you can already tell that you won’t be able to keep your hands off ‘em.  You find yourself gazing off into the distance, thinking they were made for you – even though you [...]

No Sweat – Nike Solay Thong Review

Featured Image Source The Nike Solay Thong sports a sleek athletic aesthetic. Their thin neon yellow straps reach far back from the toe post like a Major League Pitcher at the peak of his power position as he dishes up a 100-mph fast ball. The too thick battleship gray soles look ready for impact and [...]