PR//Soles Recovery Flip Flops – (not) My Adidas

Featured Image Source In 490 BC a man named Pheidippides ran 26 miles to deliver a message. He dropped dead as soon as his task was complete. In 1896, at the cusp of the 20th Century, the International Olympic Committee thought this sounded like great fun and the modern “Marathon” was born. As best as I [...]

Fitory – Basically the Same

Featured Image Source When I was a kid the “no label” craze hit grocery stores in my hometown. It seemed as if over night entire rows of shelves were filled with black and white generically labeled versions of potato chips, breakfast cereal, and beer. Much like the idea of communism or socialism, the basic thought behind this [...]

Teva Azure – Take Me To The River

Featured Image Source My first impression wasn’t great. The Teva Azure’s looked too…apathetic. At first glance they seemed to have been half-heartedly made; nothing more than yet another cynical attempt to grow market share by tossing some flip flops into the brand mix of Teva sandals. Even the name annoyed me. They’re called Azure, which [...]

Fantiny Hong Flip Flop – Let Me Tell You About Bill

Featured Image Source When I was in high school I knew a 70-year-old man who played fast-pitch softball on a reasonably competitive men’s city league. He was on a team for men age 45 and over but was by far the oldest on the team. His name was Bill and he played centerfield, was among [...]

Charitable Circle Jerk – Toms Santiago

Featured Image Source: Zappos If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. That’s what Mom would say, the Dude can’t be bothered, but this dedicated beach footwear enthusiast needs to speak his mind. Toms – I really only know this brand as the sort of overpriced rags posing as shoes that people [...]

Flojos Ryan – The Buddy Flip Flop

Featured Image Source: Sometimes we all need a friend who’s up for anything. When we need a break and decide to ditch work early on a Tuesday afternoon to go for a hike, play basketball, go fishing, golfing, or whatever; this is the friend we call. Flojos makes a flip flop that personifies this [...]

Hey Sailor – Sperry Baitfish

Featured Image Source: Nordstrom The nautical world is known for tradition, routine, and discipline. Yet it is also known for Gilligan hats, bell bottoms, & neckerchiefs. How does one reconcile these two seemingly very different approaches to life at sea? My hunch is that it is due to long days, weeks, and months stuck on [...]
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