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Should You Travel in Just Your Flip Flops

Should You Travel in Just Your Flip Flops?

Since we’re die hard Flip Flop dudes, you’d think the answer to this question is an easy “YEAH!” But the truth is a little bit more complicated… 

Flip Flops are amazing, light and versatile – but can they really serve as your only footwear for a whole trip? Read on to find out. 

First, let me put this out there. You should definitely bring a pair of flip flops on every single trip you take. I don’t care if you’re headed to a snowy mountain resort. Take your favorite pair of flip flops along. They hardly take up space in your suitcase anyway. 

There are just a few essentials that every single traveler needs. A good pair of flip flops is one of them. It’s a travel must-have for both grimy hostels and luxury resorts. I once forgot to take my flip flops on a trip, and cursed myself for forgetting it. I ended up buying a cheap and crappy pair just because I couldn’t do without them. Having a good pair of flip flops on hand while traveling is a good idea for many reasons.  

Flip flops are a great travel companion.  

There are many uses for flip flop sandals. Here are just a few: 

1. Flip flops pack light 

It’s convenient to pack flip flops as back-up shoes because they weigh almost nothing. A quality pair can fit easily in my bag and double as an extra pair.  

Sometimes walking so much causes your feet to hurt, and worse yet, blisters. There are times when flip flops are a great break for your feet. Give them a chance to breathe.  

2. Flip flops are the best beach and poolside shoes 

I mean you wouldn’t really go to the beach in sneakers, right? If there’s a beach near where you’re staying or you’re visiting a hotel pool, sauna, or hot tub… Don’t forget your flip-flops. Why get sand in your good sandals when you can wear the best beach shoes? 

3. Flip flops double as hotel slippers 

Even luxury hotels seem to have gotten rid of hotel slippers these days. While socks are fine to wear at the hotel, flip-flops make a great pair of slippers if you have them in your bag.  

4. Flip flops are required in some spas 

If you are visiting a spa or hotel with a spa, you will be expected to wear flip-flops in the common areas. Scandanavian style spas pay special attention to this. While some resorts may provide them as part of their service, others might require you to purchase a (not so good) pair just to enter.  

5. Flip flops come to the rescue in public showers 

Not all showers are the same. You can’t say if the floor is really squeaky clean or not. Especially when it comes to public showers, I stand by “better safe than sorry.” There’s no need to brave going barefoot when you have trusty rubber slippers on hand. Occasionally, a place just gives you that vibe. 

With these out of the way, would we recommend that you travel in only flip flops? 

The answer is… sometimes. But you absolutely need to take more than one pair! Let me explain. 

If you’re going on a quick weekend road trip to the beach or a poolside villa, then you can just rock flip flops all the way. You won’t need other shoes anyway and your feet will be safe inside your car. But make sure that you bring another pair just for emergency reasons.  

You never know if your flip flops will break or start to hurt for any reason. You could also lose your flip flops on the beach (I’m guilty!). What would you do then? Pack another pair just in case. It won’t take up much space anyway. 

If you’re going on a trip abroad or somewhere that requires a plane ride, we don’t recommend that you travel only in flip flops – although you should 100% take them with you. According to aviation experts and cabin crew, they’re one of the worst shoes you can wear on an airplane.  

Why? In the off chance of an emergency, there will be debris in the path of your escape, as well as unpleasant ground surfaces outside your plane. Wearing flip flops will leave you exposed to the elements and could cause you injury – and we don’t want that.  

So take your flip flops everywhere you go. Go ahead and wear them exclusively for short road trips, but leave them in your suitcase for your next flight. 

Ready for the Flip Flop Life?  

There is no such thing as a perfect pair of flip-flops. But there is a perfect pair for you. 

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