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Spring into Style: The Best Flip Flops for the Season

As the sun sets later each day, we can take a deep breath and enjoy the fact that spring is here! And a good pair of flip flops is essential for all your spring and summer adventures whether you’re heading to the beach or lounging on your back patio.  

You might have taken your flip flops for granted in the past. This is your friendly reminder that It isn’t stupid to think about your flip flops. 

Your flip flop choice is actually pretty significant when it comes to your foot health. According to LA-based podiatrist Cory Clement, flip-flops should have good arch support and cushioning.  

Avoid cheap flip-flops that are excessively thin or flat to prevent extensor tendonitis. The flatter the sole, the more our intrinsic foot muscles have to work harder to grip the sandal, causing hammertoes and bunions. So it’s a good idea to look for more options than the cheapest flip flops you can find. 

We got you. Flip Flop Daily reviews hundreds of flip flops for fit, style, comfort, traction, and value. We tested them on the streets, at the beach, and on road trips to determine which ones were the best. 

Check out our list of the best flip flops to upgrade your spring wardrobe today! 

Olukai Ohana

Olukai Ohana
Olukai Ohanas are comfortable, effortlessly stylish, and well made.

Flip flops like these aren’t the lightest. They have a bit of heft, but it’s not uncomfortable or overwhelming like the air in Hawaii. It’s quite nice, actually. 

They’re here for me, ready to take me wherever I want to go. The foot beds are as soft and supportive as Maui’s white sand beaches. Forgiving velvety rubber contours perfectly to the foot. Shoes like these reach out and hug you. 

The treads and soles are designed to cover a lot of ground joyfully. I have worn mine all over the world on virtually every type of terrain, and they happily devour miles. 

You’ll quit before these flip flops give up. Beach walk? City stroll? Work event? These flip flops can handle it all without making you look like a jackass.

Sanuk Land Shark

Sanuk Land Shark

Sanuk has really outdone itself this time. Sanuk Land Sharks are as close to perfection as it gets. Let’s start with style. This is a traditional style that’s been updated. While they may appear as plain black flip flops, they have details that will surprise and delight you upon closer inspection. Like your favorite closet staple, these flip flops have an upscale feel and can be worn anywhere.

In my experience, the Sanuk Land Shark is unlike any other Sanuk. It is an updated traditional style. At first glance, they seem like just another pair of black and gray rubber flip flops – but upon closer inspection, you can see the details. The wide-pleated soft fabric gray strap looks as sharp and crisp as a bespoke trouser from London’s classic Savile Row haberdashery, Henry Poole & Co. Despite sounding odd, the color range of these flip flops is expanded to “Mid gray plain tropical worsted wool”. Perfect for a day at the beach and a night at a posh cocktail bar.  

The North Face Basecamp

The North Face Basecamp

The North Face Basecamp flip flops are made for the great outdoors, just like everything else in their lineup. I don’t need to say much to hype this brand up because it is iconic in more ways than one. Initially, they were boots and jackets, but then expanded into other categories. “The North Face” is known for its rugged style that is associated with its name.

The North Face backpacks, winter coats, and boots are famous for their quality and ruggedness. Did you know they also make flip flops? Get to know the North Face Basecamp flip flop. I’ve enjoyed getting to know and reviewing these flip flops. As with most products made by The North Face, I wondered if the Basecamps would be up to the task for which they were designed. They did not disappoint.

If you’re into adventure, these are the perfect pair of flip flops to add to your closet for spring.

Olukai Kulia

Olukai Kulia

The Olukai Kulia is on a whole other level. Laser-etched Italian leather flip flops bring true luxury and artisanship to the flip flop craft. Some brands think that slapping their logo on an uninteresting pair of flip flops will justify a nearly $600 price tag. No, not Olukai, because at Olukai, flip flops are the priority, and details are important. 

Embraced by a soft, yet firmly firm Italian leather strap, the foot is snugly held in place atop a laser-etched Italian leather footbed. A downy soft, almost raw Italian leather underside is stitched to a sleek-smooth Italian leather top portion. A Hawaiian-inspired featherlike pattern is laser etched on the outside, near mid-foot. Leather is discreetly stitched with the fishhook Olukai logo at the toe post.

If you’re more on the dressy side, these are the best spring flip flops to consider. These flip flops are a fine work of art and will satisfy even the pickiest fashionista.

Reef Switchfoot

Reef Switchfoot

If you’re looking for flip flops that will keep your feet comfortable throughout the day, these babies are the perfect choice. With their wide straps, they’ll stay on your feet no matter what you’re doing. Rubber traction gives them a good grip on any surface, whether tile, cement, or grass.

An image of the top half of a palm tree grove on a midnight blue background. The design is simple yet decoratively tasteful. They look like California to me. Even though they are just printed rubber flip flops, I don’t mind.  

As we explained in our Havaianas Brazil flip flop review, all rubber flip flops aim to improve the simple and genre-defining Havaianas Brazil flip flop. It almost seems as if Reef outperforms Havaianas.

Rubber footbeds are soft, comfortable, and eager to conform to the shape of your feet. As elegant a flip flop strap arch you’ll find in a rubber flip flop, the thin, soft rubber straps reach almost to the heel. Lightweight, comfortable, and stylish, they are a great choice. 

What Did We Look For In The Best Flip Flops For Spring?

Comfortable Footbed, Straps, and Sole

From back pain and neck pain to muscle aches and tightness, wearing uncomfortable shoes can wreck havoc on your body. Your overall physical wellness depends on wearing comfortable shoes. If you’re like most people, you’ll wear flip flops around the house or while traveling. You should choose a pair that feels good to you in order to fully enjoy these moments without distraction or discomfort. It’s important to pay attention to how the straps and sole feel on your feet, as well as how cushioned the footbed is.


The type of feet you have, from wide to narrow and low to high arches, is important to choosing the right flip flops. When choosing your next pair of flip flops, consider how stretchy the straps are, how wide the footbed is, and how high and wide the arch is. You will experience discomfort if any one of these things does not align with the anatomy of your foot. It’s also a good idea to size up by half a size if you are uncertain about which size to pick.

Arch Support

Shoes with minimal support can exacerbate things like back pain and muscle tension. The flimsy, flat footbeds of flip flops often provide little support. For an extra boost, look at how easily the sole bends and how the arch is shaped. To ensure your feet are protected and supported, you should choose shoes with a design that prioritizes support.


Flip flops that go the distance are the best way to make the most of your adventures, whether you’re headed to a rocky beach or a slippery pool deck. High-quality materials, thick soles, and secure straps are key to shoes that last. Nothing’s worse than a pair of flip flops giving up on you mid-adventure! Look for flip fllops with thick, sturdy soles to protect your feet from rocks, hot pavement, and slippery, unstable terrain.


The bottom line is that you get what you pay for — while it may seem absurd to pay more than $10 for a pair of flip flops, you’ll be able to wear them for years instead of throwing them away after a few months if you choose high-quality materials. You can determine the value of your flip flops by thinking about how comfortable they are and how long they’ll last.

Spring has sprung and I hope this inspires you to go and get your perfect pair of flip flops for your upcoming adventures!

No matter what season it is, we’re here to provide you with the best flip flop reviewsflip flop advice and flip flop philosophy on how to live a flip flop life!