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5 Tips to Healthy Flip Flop Feet

5 Tips to Healthy Flip Flop Feet

5 Tips to Healthy Flip Flop Feet

Flip flops keep your feet cool, can be worn for many different occasions, and help you do life right. However, they sometimes get a bad rap when it comes to footwear-related problems and injuries.  

Here are five tips to keep your flop-loving feet healthy and happy:

1. Consider the activity 

Flip flops are the perfect companion for beach holidays, pool parties, and your regular run to the local supermarket.  

If you intend to go for a long walk, stand for hours, or be involved in an activity that requires above-average physical exertion make sure your flip flops are snug and well-fitting, have adequate arch support and are up to the task in order to ensure the most satisfying stride.

2. Invest in quality 

This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank on your flip flops but if you’re gonna be spending lots of time in them, they should be well made at the very least. Most flip flop related pain and injury are attributable to cheap, disposable and poorly made flip flops – these are to be avoided.  

Choose flip flops that offer superior fit, traction, and style that work best for you and your activity. In the end, you save nothing by trying to save money on a sub-par pair of feet destroying flip flops. Check out our flip flop selection criteria for more on how to Do Life Right. 

3. Use common sense 

As the saying goes, “freedom isn’t free” and that holds true for the Flip Flop Life. The freedom of wearing flip flops comes with the responsibility to use your head. If you’re using a weed eater, hiking through thorny brambles, or visiting a knife factory flip flops aren’t the right choice. The freedom that comes with having your toes and feet out in the air and sun means it’s up to you to keep them safe from harm. 

4. Care for Your Feet 

From pedicures and foot scrubs to moisturizers, sunscreen, and just keeping your feet clean in general – these things won’t just help your feet look their best but will contribute to the most wonderful flip flop life. Remember, in flip flops you are an ambassador to the flip flop life so your feet should reflect this. Nothing is grosser than someone rolling up in flip flips with nasty dirty feet. So, take care of your feet and don’t let the side down. 

5. Right Tool for the Job 

Flip flops are not all created equal so be sure that you select the right flip flop for the activity. And for God’s sake, do not place comfort above all else. You’re wearing flip flops so comfort is most likely a given. You’d not show up to a posh cocktail party in your pj’s so why would you show up in your Dad-bod enhancing Crocs? Check out our reviews to help guide your flip flop choice and ensure that you have the right tool for the job. 

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