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can i drive in flip flops

Can I Drive in Flip Flops?

Dear Flip & Flop,  
Can I Drive in Flip Flops? 
Sincerely, Can’t Actually Race 

Dear C.A.R., 
Let’s start with the good news: It is not illegal to drive in flip flops in the U.S. 
The bad news is that there are a few folks who have issues when driving in flip flops. Usually due to their flip flop getting caught on either the brake or accelerator pedal and impeding their ability to stop in time to avoid catastrophe. This is definitely not doing life right.  
This is why we recommend that if you are a reluctant flip flop driver, prone to accidents, an unconfident driver or just looking for higher level of freedom that you do what Flip & Flop do and drive barefoot.  
There’s nothing more freeing than having your feet on the pedals and your flip flops by your side, either on the passenger seat or on the floor behind the passenger seat (if the front seat is occupied). It’s critical that you do not put your unworn flip flops on the floor of the driver’s side where they could easily get caught beneath the brake or gas pedal. So, move them well out of the way and enjoy the freedom that is barefoot driving. 
There are few images as illustrative of Doing Life Right as pulling up to your destination, opening your car door and dropping your flip flops onto the pavement beside the car, slipping into them and walking off in your flip flops as you lock the car behind you. That is driving in the flip flop life. 
So to answer the question, ‘Can I wear flip flops while driving?’: Yes, you can – and it is completely legal – however the real question is ‘Should I wear flip flops while driving’ and you alone can answer this question for yourself. If you’re unsure, take ‘em off and toss ‘em in the back seat and feel the freedom of barefoot driving.   
The Flip Flop life requires you to take things in stride and part of the point of wearing flip flops is to keep your feet cool and comfortable. But if given the chance to go commando and drive barefoot – heck how could you say no? This may even be the safer choice.  
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Do Life Right – Flip and Flop