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Aerusi Women’s Braid Flip Flops – Simple Perfection




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Overall Performance


Rummaging through my bag of flip flops, this pair caught my eye. Not going to lie, I felt that I was running out of flip flops with style points, so I was happily surprised to find this pair of Aerusi Women’s Braid flip flops. 

While they aren’t particularly dazzling, I reveled in their simplicity. With alternating colors for the footbed, midsole, outsole, and strapAlong with the rustically designed toe post, the Aerusi’s called to me. They are a Coachella girl’s dream. Designs similar to those done by stick and needle tattoo artists run across the footbed, giving it a supremely chic look. On a superficial level, these flip flops were to die for. 

But that was only the beginning. 

I put them on. I took a step. I reminded myself to breathe, because these couldn’t be real. It was like having a second skin. These flip flops felt so natural on my feet. I could almost hear my toes cheering! The footbed is made of a cushy material that sinks the more you wear them, so eventually they began to feel unquestionably mine. With every passing day, I felt my flip flops mold to accommodate my feet, making way for my toes, and forming around my arch. I can say without a doubt that these are the most comfortable flip flops I have ever worn in my entire life. 

They fit beautifully, too. The sizing was near perfect – ignoring that they made my toes look a little stubby, but that could just be me. The straps weren’t too close to the sides of my feet, so they didn’t chafe. And they still were tight enough that I didn’t have to worry about them flying off into outer space when I’d run. I also didn’t have any toe post redness. I was convinced that these flip flops were perfection. Even after weeks of wearing these, I couldn’t find anything wrong with them. They’re easy to slip on, they look good, and they just work. That was until there was a spill. And oh, clumsy me, did that change things. 

Living in a dorm, you’re bound to interact with some pretty disgusting people. And I mean really disgusting. So, when I walked into the communal kitchen, I shouldn’t have been surprised to see milk spilled all across the floor. With no one to clean it up except myself. 

But I didn’t see it until it was too late. 

On my rear I went, tumbling down onto the hard disease-infested surface that is the communal dorm kitchen floor. Not only did I end up with milk all over my pants, which is disgusting enough on its own – who knows how long that’s been lying there? – but I realized the greatest pitfall of my favorite flip flops. Traction. These things slide around like crazy on any remotely slippery surface. I just hadn’t noticed because the floors we walk on are usually textured. 

All things considered, though, I would say that these flip flops do a good job at embodying a more feminine form of your everyday Dudeness. 

They exude relaxation and effortless confidence all while looking decent. You can really wear these to any event without people questioning you. First date? Go for it. Wedding? Sure. Pool Party? Yes! (Just don’t slip and die.) 

These flip flops have so much character, and yet they’re so simple. For anyone looking for a pair that’s simple, pretty, and interesting enough to catch someone’s attention, these are the flip flops for you.