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Body Glove Old Skool – Sweet Summer Nothings




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Summer friendships often live longer in memory than in reality. The impact of these dozen or so weeks can be greater than the sum of the events of the rest of the year or that of several years combined.

There’s just something special about days filled with nothing to do except live and enjoy life. Everything aligns during this time: the weather, time, and with time, freedom. Freedom to do whatever, with whomever is available.

This sort of opportunity comes around rarely in life and usually ends once the responsibilities of work and family replace that of school and study.

Summer ends, for most of us, once school ends. This is a tragedy. What’s worse is that few kids today are allowed to just “be” all summer long.

Their lives are planned and arranged to the second by well-meaning but misguided parents in a desperate attempt to help their offspring make the most of their summer and their time off.

Yet the reality is that this leaves all involved breathless, stressed, and spinning. What we all need is more time to do nothing. Winne the Pooh put it perfectly when he said; “Doing nothing often leads to the very best of something.” We need to make more time for doing nothing in order to discover the something that we’re missing.

The Body Glove Old Skool flip flops are an excellent pair of flip flops for doing just that all summer long. Nothing.

Body Glove Old Skool

These inexpensive all rubber flip flops exude summer from every pore. They take doing nothing very seriously.

The foot bed itself is painted with an image of a perfect summer sky.

The toe section of the foot bed is white, striped with light blue rays of sky, beneath that, the orange of a sunset that grows deeper and deeper as it meets the heel. A perfect summer’s day reflected on a flip flop.

The immaculate white mid and outsole shine brightly for all to see below the black and white strap embossed with the words, “Body Glove” in a perfect sky blue on the straps. These are summer.

These same rubber straps provide an excellent fit; holding the foot nicely in place just as you’d expect from a body glove. Each step is effortless joy no matter where you are, but they clearly pine for the beach. Their style aligns perfectly with their occasion; summer nothings.

The traction is just what you’d expect from a summer friendship: strong, while it lasts and will get you through the summer but that’s about all.

This is fine because the memory of the adventures you encounter together will live forever.

I love these flip flops for being so comfortable in their own skin. They’re nothing more than you’d expect and that is just perfect. I encourage you to pick up a pair and enjoy an Old Skool summer. Just think of all of the nothing to be done in them. Do Life Right