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Bourgeois Bliss – Easy Spirit “Nice Day” Flips


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Similar to their namesake, the Easy Spirit Nice Day flip flop offers marshmallow levels of comfort – marshmallow in that an effort to convey my impression of them requires an all-too-cliché expression.

During my first day with these flip flops, a few thoughts ran through my head.

I dreaded slipping my toes around the snug synthetic leather toe post, reluctant to experience a middle-class feeling of luxury that the suburban mother I couldn’t help but envision wearing these flip flops might relish.

Then, seduced by the promising possibilities of comfort, I gave the flip flops a shot.

The soothing sensations of smooth cork embraced my feet just as soon as I, myself, began to embrace the prospects of the gluten-free Etsy store and aqua Zumba class future that had just flashed before my eyes.

The plush support (the oxymoron of the day!) that these flips provide is outstanding.

Walking on surfaces ranging from rough, uneven gravel to unstable, conforming sand no longer challenged my feet, as they were now upon the most gratifying cushioning of my life.

Bourgeois Bliss flip flop review

Placing any pair of flip flops under the metaphorical weight of foot fatigue, however, is the real test to discern an expendable pair from an essential one.

After many days trekking over scores of surfaces, I came to the conclusion that these flip flops are more than satisfactory.

The ample sponginess of the cork footbed, particularly noticeable under the forefoot and heel, was unreal.

For those of you who have yet to (and, understandably, may never) fully understand the expression ‘soft as a baby’s bottom’, these cushiony flip flops are a fantastic opportunity to do so.

Weighing into my verdict of their comfort, however, is the tragedy of their arch support.

The gradual elevation and padding on the opposite ends of the flip flop have proven comfortable, but I could only feel disappointment in the lack of arch support.

Even when standing, I saw and felt a noticeably awkward gap between my arch and the footbed.

Despite the subtle curvature of the midsection and hence slight support for the arch, those such as I who are needy in terms of support should be wary of this flip.

This was especially disappointing as I felt the psychological torment of knowing that my overworked arches were centimeters from their pillow-soft Shangri-La.

These flip flops sport a distinct tri-colored strap in the middle of the shoe and foot – a delightful addition to its fit, but an eyesore that detracts from the laid-back and minimalistic intention one would expect in a good flip flop.

A flip flop, however enjoyable it may be, should not only appeal to the sole, but also to the soul.

There’s a certain measure of glamor in a flattering pair of flips that’ll get guys and girls spewing endearing pronouns like ‘dude’, ‘bro’, or ‘gurrrl’.

However, these flip flops aren’t what I would picture on the feet of anyone with dreams of being a style icon. Flip flops, unlike high heels, sneakers, or loafers, don’t have to channel class. In fact, a plain black flip flop is oftentimes a heavenly ideal.

That said, I love a conspicuously colorful flip flop if it enhances my overall “look”.

But when flip flops, such as these, fail to accent the feet or enhance the rest of an outfit, they feel pointless and unsure of their purpose.

Furthermore, the Crocs-like grooves and the line running around the chunky white rubber add undeniable insult to injury.

The overall experience is akin to walking on a sofa from your childhood; possessing unparalleled nostalgic comfort, but with all the obvious negatives of wearing sofas on your feet.

The Easy Spirit Nice Day flip flops may leave some eyes sore and arches unsupported, but it’s nowhere near difficult to overlook these flaws and simply enjoy comfort as it comes.