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Winter in the Pacific Northwest brings with it a depression born of gray wet days and long soggy nights.

Even the slugs seem to have cut out for a dryer scene.

Desperate for a taste of summer I ordered a pair of Chaco Waypoint Cloud Flip Flops – in Maze Red.

The size 13 box of sunshine arrived on my soggy doorstep in mid-January, just in time.

These are a nice-looking pair of Flip Flops. The hexagonal cloud-like patterned foot beds have great arch support and an inviting foot friendly contour. The thong (in Maze Red) is a just right 1 ¼” wide. Solid but not bulky.

The toe post is of a finer nylon, tapering from ½” wide at the top to a very comfortable 3/8” as it disappears into the sole.

chaco in kauai

The soles beg for warm sandy strolls along a Pacific beach. At just 1 ½” at its thickest part – the instep – these flip flops strike the perfect profile. Substantial enough for pavement and an easy trail hike but not clunky.

The treads carry through the hexagonal cloud pattern from above with the addition of a maze red lazy river that meanders from heel to toe.

Slipping them on feels as if they were made for me. The support is perfect.

The cushion, comfortable. The thong is a little rough at first but promises to break in nicely with wear.

There is a significant downside however.

The flip flops have a tendency to shoot off my foot at random times mid-stride.

The foot beds provide scant grip on dry feet. Even so, I suspect that they’re brilliant on the beach.

So, I’m heading to Kauai to put the Chaco Waypoint Cloud Flip Flops – in Maze Red through their paces.

I’ll keep an eye out for wintering slugs. Until then, keep on flip flopping.

Flip Flop Verdict

icon review overall performance

Overall Performance — 3.7 out of 5

icon review occasion


Trail hikes and granola get together

icon review fit

Fit – 3.5

The sizing is correct however their tendency to shoot off my feet forces me to deduct a point

icon review style

Style – 3.5

Graded on a Seattle fashion scale these would be a 5

icon review traction

Traction – 3.5

Solid footing over all terrain – until they shoot off your foot.

icon review comfort

Comfort – 4

Supportive but a bit heavy

icon review dudeness

Dudeness – 4


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