Congratulations Aviation Gin 2018 Spirit of The Year

Dear Ryan Reynolds,

Congratulations to you and to Aviation American Gin on winning the Flip Flop Daily Spirit of the Year Award. As someone from a country with no warm sandy beaches we suspect that you may be unfamiliar with flip flops and the flip flop life.

Though we don’t know for sure, because no one heads to the 51st State for beaches, sun or gin, this is how we envision your spring break.

Here is where we go for spring break where there isn’t a single Mountie, hockey rink, or Tim Horton’s.

Canadians often lay claims to things as being “uniquely Canadian” which in reality are not. For example, Canadian bacon, curling, and poutine all existed long before Canada laid claim and gave them these silly Canadian names. The rest of the world knows them as ham, tidying up, and gluttony. Though Aviation American Gin is owned by a Canadian it is, as its very name says, an American Gin. And a damned fine American gin at that.

So, congratulations on this outstanding and nearly Canadian achievement. Step into your Hari Mari Dunes, pour yourself an Aviation American Gin and tonic, and head south to the nearest warm sandy beach. It is well deserved.

Do Life Right. Drink American gin…owned by a Canadian.
Flip Flop Daily + Hari Mari Dunes + Aviation American Gin & Tonic = The Flip Flop Life

Sincerely, Flip & Flop

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