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Fall for Flip Flops

Do Life Right: Fall for Flip Flops

Every summer, I basically live in flip flops. I have a favorite pair – a beautiful pearl, iridescent white beauty that goes with everything and makes my toes look great with a fresh coat of polish. When I think of summer, they’re one of the first pictures that quickly come to mind.  

Ahhh summer. The days feel so long when it’s upon us, but the entire season goes by too fast. Most people live where summer barely lasts three precious months. This means coping with changing seasons (and looking forward to the next summer!). 

As we roll into the autumn season, we’re getting closer to winter but we’re not quite there yet. As the trees change color with the passing season, the spirit of summer continues to live in my heart and in my room. The proud reminder of my favorite season is my pair of iridescent white flip flops that stay by the foot of my bed to remind me of sandy beaches every morning when I get up. Now, that’s doing life right from the second I open my eyes each morning. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to wait for summer to bring out your flip flops! You can wear them year-round. In fact, this year I’m choosing to do life right as I fall for flip flops!  

When fall comes around, it’s common to think about Thanksgiving, scarves, and the sweet scents of turkey, stuffing, and delicious pumpkin pie filling your kitchen. The beautiful season actually means so much more.  

Every year, it starts off with the autumnal equinox, where the celestial equator (annual path of the sun) and the earth’s equator intersect. Thanks to this natural phenomenon, day and night are equal length during the equinox. This only happens twice a year. 

Fall, therefore, means a lot more than pie. But please, help yourself to the pie because I know I will. Fall symbolizes balance and change. It’s the best time for self-reflection, awareness, and mindfulness. That’s what the flip flop life is all about. 

How can you fall for flip flops this autumn season?  

1. Balance with the earth 

Ancient cultures associate balance with the first day of fall – when day and night are equal. During fall, the sun also enters Libra which is symbolized by scales. We’ll take these as a reminder to enjoy balance in life. Fall is a chance to connect with the earth and restore balance within us.  

When I think of balance, I think of two things – standing on one leg and work-life balance. If I had to choose one item to symbolize both, it would be flip flops. Why? First, for standing up – obviously, you need footwear to do this. Flip flops fit the bill.  

I mean, try to think of flip flops as a person. He or she would totally have an enviable work-life balance. Flip flops just have an effortless, carefree, and easy-going vibe. Hell, if I were a shoe, I’d want to be a flip flop. Loafers are stuffy. Running shoes are too hardworking. High heels hurt too much. Flip flops are just… balanced. They have just enough function without any frills. Find your new favorite pair in our flip flop reviews. 

Let your flip flops be your personal reminder to chill. You’ve been working hard for the first three quarters of the year and now it’s time to unwind a little. Lighten up, put on your flip flops, and remember to take things easy!  

2. Get comfy and cozy 

In the animal world, autumn is the time to prepare for winter. Animals begin storing food to get ready for hibernation. Farmers collect a reserve of crops during their fall harvest. Following the same pattern, we all have a strong desire for comfort and protection at this time of year.  

In the modern world, this means going out less and staying home more. For those who love to eat as much as I do, it’s also a great excuse to stock up on food and get comfy. Pie anyone?  

Fall is the perfect time to be a homebody. It’s the best time to retreat to your safe haven. It’s time to cuddle up with hot tea, a good book or your favorite show, and your favorite pair of flip flops. Nothing says home comfort quite like this.  

While you’re preparing for hibernation mode, ditch the shoes and rotate your flip flops as your fall home uniform. This will treat your feet to some well-deserved R&R after being trapped in shoes all day long! 

Take out your favorite pair from Hari Mari,  Teva, or Reef. Make sure to choose flip flops that spark joy. Even if no one else will see you, your footwear choice has the power to make you happy.  

3. Flip flop therapy! 

Flip flops help a lot as they’re great to wear outside so you can easily feel the earth, while still protecting your feet! They’re the only footwear that allow you to go out and practice grounding – a therapeutic technique that helps ground negatively charged energy from your body. You usually do this by stepping onto the ground, somewhere in nature, with your bare feet.  

The idea sounds great but if you’re in a city, it doesn’t seem too exciting to walk through dirty streets or commute barefoot. That’s where flip flops come in! They’re lightweight, easy and keep your feet free to feel and get rid of that bad juju and all that doesn’t serve you. Now, I would totally fall for that! 

4. Visualize with flip flops 

Flip flops bring back powerful memories of summer. The little act of putting on my favorite pearl white flip flops instantly remind me of the beach. What’s your favorite pair of flip flops that you take with you on vacation?  

While we’re stuck at home, it’s a nice little exercise to visualize that beach whenever you put them on. Leave your favorite flip flops in different rooms around your house. Each time you put them on, close your eyes and imagine your favorite, sunny, tropical vacation destination. 

This is a simple yet effective way to break the monotony of boring, daily home life. This is one way to time travel and teleport to an exotic island getaway, right from the comfort of your home! 

I hope this inspires you to fall for flip flops. With some imagination and creativity, I know you’ll love them as much as we do.  

No matter what season it is, we’re here to provide you with the best flip flop reviews,  flip flop advice and flip flop philosophy on how to live a flip flop life!