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The Flip Flop Philosophy and Why You Should Practice It

The Flip Flop Philosophy and Why You Should Practice It

You might not immediately think flip flops and philosophy go hand in hand, but they have more in common than you think!  

We all have two sides to us, like the balance of almost everything in life. From natural occurrences like day and night to the two sides of a coin. We all have two sides like the yin and yang concept of duality from ancient Chinese philosophy. This reminds us of the complementary forces that work together to create balance in life.  

Flip flops carry the same wisdom. They remind us that we too need balance. Flip flops are light enough to give our feet freedom yet strong enough to give our feet support and protection.  

In modern philosophy, there’s a similar concept called dualism. This is the view that mental phenomena are non-physical, or that the mind and body are distinct and separable. The duality of man is the mind and body. We couldn’t agree more. 

Here at Flip Flop Daily, we’re all about doing life right and we can only achieve this by learning to find balance. We do life right when we take care of our overall wellness – mind, body, and spirit. When we have a sound mind in a sound body, we’re really free to live our best lives.  

Here at flip flop daily we have a philosophy of our own. It’s a way of thinking that celebrates life. We encourage you to keep moving forward and have fun along the way. Through our work providing reviews, advice, and insights, we hope you discover your flip flop life.  

We realize life’s short and that it doesn’t always need to be too serious. It’s all about learning to balance and loving what you do. Every day can be a new adventure if you let it be. Each moment can be as fun and exciting as an exotic getaway, no matter where you are with a little imagination. It’s hard to complain when you’re mentally on a white sand beach with your toes in the sand, right?  

Mastering this mindset and living this philosophy will help you do life right. Soon, you’ll realize that life is better in flip flops. So do life right and flip flop daily.  

We totally get it if you don’t understand the flip flop philosophy right away. It’s probably a new concept to you. We lay down the core principles of the flip flop philosophy so that you can start to implement some or all of it into your daily life.  

What is the flip flop philosophy?  

If Bruce Lee said be like water, we say you should be like flip flops. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If I had to be a shoe, I would be flip flops without batting an eyelash. They’re simple, light, easy and functional. That’s the way that life should be.  

Flip flops, simple as they are, have many qualities that we should aspire to develop. Part of the flip flop philosophy is to have important qualities that flip flops represent.  

  1. Be versatile 

Flip flops choose no season. They choose no occasion, nor outfit. They can literally work with anything. If you find the right pair of flip flops, you never have to decide on what shoes to wear again. You can just grab them when walking out your door.  

Flip flops are a great choice for many different occasions, and some may surprise you. Apart from their original use poolside or at the beach, flip flops are perfect to wear while running errands, commuting, or even taking a hike! The grip on the right pair flip flops will help you stay balanced on slippery rocks and they’re really easy to wash off after compared to hiking shoes.  

Just like flip flops, we need to be versatile. Life always comes with unexpected twists and turns. That’s part of what makes it fun! We need to be able to adapt to different challenges to conquer or different roles that we may need to take on.  

Look no further than the pandemic of 2020. That changed life as we know it. Those who were versatile and quick to adopt thrived. Some people have done even better now than they have in their lives. But others who were not versatile were left behind. Don’t be that person. Know your strengths, weaknesses, and what you need to improve and work on it. Anyone can be versatile with the right intention, focus, and discipline.  

  1. Be flexible 

That brings us to our second point. Be flexible like flip flops. Made with a variety of materials such as rubber, foam, plastic, leather and suede, flip flops can bend without breaking. They can be used for years and still look brand new. Flip flops retain their shape very well. Even after a full day of using them, they always go back to their original form.  

Just like versatility, flexibility is another value that will help you get far in life. Physically, flexibility is an extremely important component of fitness. It has many positive effects on the body including improved mobility, posture, and muscle coordination. Flexibility also reduces the risk of injuries and muscle pain.  

Mentally, flexibility is important as having fixed thinking can lead to pessimism and depression. Being open-minded and adaptable with how you think helps you to be more accepting and understanding towards others’ world views. It also helps you keep going on even when things don’t go your way. You have to be flexible to do life right!  

  1. Just breathe 

Unlike closed-toe shoes, flip flops let your feet breathe. The open design that makes flip flops so popular allows your feet to get proper air circulation. If you suffer from sweaty or smelly feet, flip flops have got you. Allowing your feet to breathe reduces sweat and smell really quick. So, hide those shoes and switch to flip flops for a while. 

It’s not just our feet that need to breathe. We need to learn to take breaks throughout the day to just relax and breathe. For something that we do almost automatically, we tend to take the benefits of breathing for granted. When done properly, there are so many health benefits to breathing. Breathing exercises decrease stress and increase calm. It lowers blood pressure, relieves pain, and detoxifies the body. Deep breathing helps boost immunity, increase energy, and improve digestion. So be like flip flops and remember to breathe! 

  1. Be free 

Flip flops let your feet be free. They give you room to wiggle your toes and easily slip on and off your feet. This makes flip flops the best companion for long drives, plane, or boat trips. They don’t keep your feet cooped up in a shoe. 

Flip flops are also the best option to wear when you need to quickly change. Think of dressing rooms in stores or showers in gyms or public pools. They just make sense because there are no straps, laces or buckles to deal with. You just slip in and out. You’re free.  

Freedom is one of the highest human desires. If you could achieve it for your footwear, why wouldn’t you? Flip flops remind you that you are always free, and you deserve to be. If you need a constant reminder of that, then start with your feet.  

  1. Be light  

Flip flops are a really easy grab-and-go. They don’t carry much weight thanks to the lightweight, flexible materials used to make them. They’re easy to pack into a tote bag, duffel, or backpack as a change of footwear every day. They have no unnecessary features or frills to weigh them down – just the essentials. They show you that all you actually really need is one sole and straps for footwear to work. It doesn’t need to be heavy or complicated. 

Just as important as freedom is the lightness of being. This means not being weighed down by heavy emotions or the stressors of the world. Being light goes hand in hand with being free. It means knowing what is truly important and focusing on that alone. It’s sticking with the essentials and letting go of the rest. Being light takes freedom to the next level. Lightness helps you fly.  

  1. Express yourself 

While flip flops have a pretty simple design, they still come in so many shapes, sizes, and designs. You can get different kinds of flip flops to suit different needs. They come in the basic thong style or with one or multiple straps across them. There are flip flops with arched foot support, in leather or suede, and even with heels!  

Flip flops come in virtually any color you can think of and have a lot of cute, colorful, and crazy designs, especially on their soles. You can also collect different colors and styles of flip flops so you can match your outfits and your mood.  

Flip flops remind us to express ourselves and let our personalities shine. Don’t be afraid to add some color and pattern into your life, even for something as seemingly simple as flip flops. Be uniquely you. There’s truly a pair that suits anyone.  

  1. Be comfortable 

Some people might avoid wearing flip flops because they think they would be uncomfortable. They’re actually a lot comfier than you think! Finding the right fit for flip flops is really important. A pair with the right width and arch support will be comfortable enough to have you last the entire day.  

You already do so much. It’s important to be comfortable while getting things done. It’s also really important to be comfortable with yourself, to love yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. Self-love has been such a buzzword over the past few years, and I understand why. Accepting yourself for who you are, being comfortable with everything including the flaws, is key to building a peaceful and happy life.  

  1. Relax! 

I associate flip flops with breaks. There’s no feeling quite as heavenly as slipping into flip flops after a long day in heels. At the end of the week, that gesture of putting my flip flops on is even more exciting since sometimes it means I’m headed to the beach for the weekend!  

Flip flops remind us to relax. The thought of slipping them on after a long day helps put us at ease. They relax your feet and relax your mind. Flip flops give the illusion of not wearing anything at all. This is why they are the ultimate symbol for rest and relaxation.