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Flip Flops

Why Everyone Needs Flip Flops

We live in a world that celebrates individuality and uniqueness. With the rise of Gen Z, who always want to stand out rather than blend in – it seems that modern society has placed a premium on embracing personal style and individuality.  

This makes it tricky to say that one thing could be for everyone. But we beg to differ. We’re confident that there is a flip flop for every single person.  

I’m sure that if you’re reading this, you have at least one pair of flip flops. Maybe you’re wearing them right now. I sure am!  

Gen Z kids and boomers alike all own flip flops. What makes flip flops so universal and timeless? Why have flip flops survived for thousands of years, through countless fashion cycles and outlasted other styles of shoes without changing so much in their basic design and form? 

Here is why flip flops are for everyone. 

1. Flip flops are the ultimate off-duty shoe  

Flip flops basically equal clocking out and taking time off. There’s footwear and clothing that you associate with your office, then there are flip flops – taking you straight to the pool. Objects carry their own energy and symbolism in our everyday lives. You can use that to your advantage.  

Owning a pair of flip flops can help you remind yourself to chill and balance work and life. Flip flops exude work-life balance. They embody it. They are effortless, carefree, and easy-going. Wearing them reminds one that they should be too.  

I love a good pair of loafers or leather shoes but when I really want to relax, I grab my flip flops. They signal my mind that it’s time to reset. Putting them on says “hey, I’m not going to the office or the gym. I’m on my time.”  

Flip flops are balanced. They are the perfect combination of form and function. Find your new favorite pair in our flip flop reviews

Let your flip flops be your sign that it’s time to chill. Put down that laptop. Lighten up, put on your flip flops. They are your personal reminder to rest and to take things easy.  

Especially if you’re working from home, establishing physical routines to help your brain switch from work to relax mode really does wonders. A simple pair of flip flops can have a huge impact on your overall wellness and mental health. Pass me a pair right now! 

2. A pair of flip flops will last you for years 

I have a pair of flip flops that I’ve been wearing for more than 7 years. They are one of the oldest pairs of shoes in my closet and they’re still in perfect condition.  

It’s hard to believe they last that long, but they really do. After one year, my daily school shoes are usually worn out. I have to buy a new pair every year. Compare that with the fact that flip flops last years.  

Flip flops are made with a variety of materials such as rubber, foam, plastic, leather, and suede. They were built to withstand the test of the elements and of time. Flip flops are usually waterproof and can bend without breaking.  

With their flexible, durable material, flip flops are special because they retain their shape and size. They’re easy to clean and hard to stain and are not subject to the same wear and tear as other shoes – especially rubber slippers.  

This means from a money standpoint; flip flops give you more bang for your buck. They outlast other pairs of shoes, and they don’t go out of style. With form and function, you just can’t beat flip flops.  

3. Flip flops are timeless and suit anyone’s personal style 

Clothing and shoes are a form of self-expression. They are always subject to taste and personal preference. What one person considers stylish might not appeal to someone else with different tastes.  

Flip flops are the exception. The basic design is so simple that it could work with any style of fashion. Rock-chic? Grab a pair of black or metallic flip flops to wear on errand days. Sporty-luxe? A pair of slides are a must-have for your gym and grocery runs. There’s literally a flip flop to suit your personal style whatever that is.  

Just like they can suit any occasion, they can also suit any person. When you find the right pair of flip flops, it’s easy to just grab them and go – to the mall, gym, or beach.  

4. Flip flops are easy  

Think about a pair of brand-new suede shoes or a pair of fresh white sneakers. They’re beautiful – until they get dirty. With our new shoes, we need to be so careful to keep them clean. They’re a pain to clean and sometimes we even need to shell out extra cash to have them cleaned professionally.  

That’s never the case with flip flops. They’re low maintenance. They’re easy. Flip flops hardly ever get dirty and if they do, you can just put them under running water to clean them.  

You don’t need to worry about creasing, folding, or flaking. Flip flops stay looking brand new for so long. They’re just as easy to care for as they are to grab, pop on and get going.  

Flip flops are definitely a smart addition to any well-rounded wardrobe.  

5. Simplicity meets self-expression 

Flip flops are one of the rare pieces in your closet that are so simple and so expressive at the same time. They’re simple thanks to the design. Flip flops are made with lightweight, flexible materials that are easy to wear. They come in simple, classic silhouettes that have remained relatively unchanged through time. 

Flip flops have no frills. They’re basic and provide just enough support and protection for our feet. It’s just a sole, straps and you’re good to go. Footwear doesn’t need to be complicated.  

At the same time, flip flops let you express yourself. With the huge variety of types and styles of flip flops available, there’s a perfect pair for anyone. Flip flops come in so many different shapes, sizes, and designs.  

There’s a flip flop in every color under the sun and crazy print and design on some, especially on their soles. Get a pair for every occasion and every mood. From basic thong style with rubber straps and soles to fashion-forward styles with multiple straps, you can go as simple or elaborate as you like.  

6. Emergency flip flops 

One of the best uses of flip flops is as emergency shoes. Since flip flops are so light, they’re perfect to pack as a change of shoes. Keep a pair in your car to change into for long drives. Wouldn’t it be nice to let your feet breathe and wiggle your toes while driving? 

After a long day in constricted, closed shoes, it’s nice to put on a pair of flip flops to let your feet and mind be free. It literally and metaphorically lets you breathe. Putting on a pair of flip flops after work makes me feel like a huge weight is being taken off my shoulders.  

Keep a pair of emergency flip flops handy for when you need a quick change of shoes or just need to rest and relax midday.  

There is a perfect pair of flip flops for everyone. It isn’t one type or one brand fits all. Not just any flip flop would do. Finding the perfect pair can be a challenge but when you find the right pair of flip flops, they will serve you for years. You never have to decide on what shoes to wear again. You can just grab them when walking out your door.  

Here are some things to consider to find the perfect pair for you: 

  1. Form  

Flip flops provide minimum support so it’s extremely important that they fit you well. Find a pair of flip flops with the right width, arch, and support for your feet.  

This can spell the difference between your new flip flops becoming your most comfortable pair of shoes or eventually hurting your ankles.  

  1. Function 

There are different kinds of flip flops for different uses. Will you be using them around the house, at the gym, at the pool or around the city for errands? Knowing what you will be using your flip flops for will help you decide the material and style that suits your needs.  

  1. Style 

Just as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, it’s so important to express yourself. It’s important to find a flip flop with a design that you love. This will be a part of your closet for years. Going for a design that you appreciate and matches your other clothes will help make sure you maximize your flip flops.  

  1. Budget 

More expensive is not always necessarily better but you also get the quality that you pay for. Flip flops don’t need to be replaced for years since they don’t need repair or go out of fashion. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in the best pair that’s within your budget.  

There are brands that specialize in basic rubber flip flops. There are other brands that try to engineer the perfect flip flop. Whatever you might be looking for, there are many amazing brands who make it their mission to create every flip flop close to perfection.  

Flip flops allow us to express ourselves and let our personalities shine. Don’t be afraid to add personal style, color, and individuality into your life, even for something as seemingly simple as flip flops. Be uniquely you and find your perfect pair.  

If you haven’t yet, we got you! You don’t need to waste your money on trial and error. We’ll help you find the perfect pair of flip flops for any style and budget. Let Flip Flop Daily’s flip flop reviews show you the way toward a Flip Flop Life Done Right!