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Dockers Flip Flops – Just as Exciting as they Sound


Blending In

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Some things are as exciting to experience as they sound.

For example, I was there at the Kingdome in 1995 when the Seattle Mariners clinched their spot in the playoffs by defeating the New York Yankees on a walk-off double by Edgar Martinez and Ken Griffey Jr.’s slide into home plate to clinch it.

It was every bit as amazing and electrifying in person as it sounds.

To this day I get a lump in my throat every time I hear Dave Niehaus’s call of that play on Macklemore’s song “My Oh My.” It was amazing. Likewise, I recall my first glimpse of my daughter.

My first born. How remarkable, miraculous, and precious it was to see this tiny, unique individual that came from me. This too is every bit as exciting and remarkable as I’d imagined it to be, even more so.

This brings me to Dockers brand flip flops.

They too are every bit as exciting as they sound.

The same Dockers brand that ruled the 1990’s “business casual” niche. What am I saying?

They owned the market. Everyone wore Dockers slacks, a button up shirt and some sort of loafer to work; glad to be free from the suit and tie. Which hints at the challenge of Dockers.

No one wore them because they liked them exactly, rather they wore them because they didn’t want to wear a suit and tie. In that context they are wonderful.

Well, it seems that Dockers has decided to branch out into the world of flip flops. So, I gave them a try.

The pair I received are, big surprise, beige. Just as one would expect from Dockers.

Beige. Perfect for fitting in and not rocking the boat. Beige. They look like they were made specifically for Dad.

Not today’s Dad, but a 1990’s Dad. The same Dad whose idea of fun and crazy was to wear a tie that looked like a fish.

To be fair they’re not all beige, there is a bit of navy-blue trim on the strap which helps keep it from looking like part of my foot. But not much.

The fit is not bad. They are made from a synthetic leatherette-like material, so they are very lightweight.

Traction isn’t wonderful but not terrible either. But, since they are 100% synthetic, the footbed gets sweaty quick.

Like when you use a garbage bag as a rain poncho. You’re be dry from the rain but soaked in your own sweat.

Plastic retains body head well but doesn’t breathe.

The Dockers flip flops are exactly as exciting as they sound.

The Dockers flip flops are exactly as exciting as they sound. Unless you’re trying to be ironic and cute by pairing them with some vintage Docker’s slacks I’d say skip these.

There are plenty of other plain flip flop options that fit just as well without the brand baggage that is Dockers.

Which, of course, are just as exciting as they sound.