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Feelgoodz: Flip Flop Cloud Nine


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We all love to feel good. Every time I go out to the mall or check reviews online, I always factor in that “feel good” element for everything that I buy. Today’s consumers are looking for the “feel good” factor when they purchase things, and companies know it. 

The brands that deliver this “feel good” value earn the right to show off what they have to offer along with how the product makes them feel. One such brand is Feelgoodz. They have really earned their bragging rights (and their name!). This review of Feelgoodz flip flops is a case study highlighting how they made me feel like I was walking on clouds. 

Have you ever worn something and never wanted to take it off? It molded to your body in such a way that it must have been made specifically for you, and you alone. No one could possibly look and feel as good in them as you, and you couldn’t be convinced otherwise. Well, let me tell you – the Feelgoodz flip flop branding is on point, because they made me feel like I was on flip flop cloud nine. I couldn’t believe how amazing these flip flops were until I had them myself. 

Have you ever worn something and never wanted to take it off? 

After unboxing and seeing these flip flops my first thought was that they’re plain. Akin to typical men’s flip flops (I’m a girl), which don’t have a lot of flare or design to catch attention, they’re simple. The foot bed, fresh out of the box, is as flat as slate without any perceptible contour. So, my initial impression was that these were going to be tin-man stiff and uncomfortable. Even so, they look good enough for a leather sole flip flop. 

But then I wore them. The first thing I noticed was that they felt orgasmic on my feet. They gave a kind of comfort that created the illusion of bare feet while offering the perks of shoes. Walking around, I realized that the midsole is made up of some kind of foamy, rubbery material that has some give and offers good support and cushion to my step. During a long stroll through the mall, these flip flops were optimal for keeping me on my feet, allowing me to walk for a long time without feeling tired or having my feet hurt. Even after a long time walking around, these flip flops’ straps didn’t rub against my skin at all, yet they didn’t have the downside of being too loose – no toe curl. 

Never have I worn something that so effortlessly looked and felt this good. 

To top it off, they have great traction. Wearing these in any kind of environment, there’s no worry about slipping. Even on the rainiest of days, these flip flops will keep you safe and make it easy to get around – exactly as a flip flop should. 

Essentially, these flip flops have a very strong “dude” factor, since they get better without having to do anything but wear them. Not only do they look comfortably lazy, but they feel comfortably lazy