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The Fitflop Iqushion Ergonomic flip flop boasts “comfort technology”, which sounds a bit like a euphemism one might use when describing the merits of an adult toy.

Fitflops seems fixated on presenting itself as a key to fitness via the wonders of technology – within the confines of a flip flop.

Who doesn’t like the idea of getting “fit” by simply sliding into a pair of flip flops and strolling along the beach? A walk in these “technological” wonder, they seem to imply, is magically transformed into the workout.

The keys to this transformation, it seems, is due to the liberal use of the letter (or is it a word?) “I” before intentionally misspelled words.

Hence, the humdrum “cushion” becomes a fit and futuristic “IQushion.” The same effect is seen when the very pedestrian, “Fruit” is transformed into a healthy (sounding) breakfast meal when changed to, “Froot Loops.”

Fitflops are the embodiment of that co-worker who is always on the fad diet of the moment.

They’ve jumped enthusiastically from Atkins to South Beach to Gluten-free to Paleo while sharing the wonders and benefits of each “eating regiment” or “life hack” with whoever is within earshot.

They will just as quickly and wholeheartedly abandon today’s fad for tomorrow’s. They most certainly embrace the “IKnowledge” and “ISentiment” of Fitflops innovatively groundbreaking “IQushion.”

While this co-worker’s fixation on fads can be tiresome, at least they provide a nice distraction from the monotony of the work day and are always up for a chat.

Fitflop IQuishion Review
Image Source: Nordstrom Rack

What Fitflop describes as an “IQushion” seems to be what most would describe as a foam rubber footbed.

To their credit, they are embossed with a circle filled with small pocks for the heel and a few more pocks at the arch.

The heel of the footbed is slightly higher than the toes which seem to be their ITech IUnlock to Fitness, or is it Ifitness?

The theory seems to be that by simply walking nearly tip-toed one will achieve fitness.

Speaking of fit, there is something off with this pair of Fitflops.

All is well behind the toes however the portion from toes forward is problematic.

The big toe finds itself forced over the edge and peering down at the floor more often than not.

Perhaps due to the elevated heel that is the hallmark of these near wedge-shaped flip flops? Despite this, they are quite comfortable which may indicate that the “comfort technology” is working properly.

Overall, the Fitflop Iqushion Ergonomic flip flop is not much more than a rubber flip flop with a slightly wedged footbed.

It is comfortable and the traction is fine. The styling is conspicuously sporty.

However, the extra “I’s” and purposely misspelled words lend a rather desperate impression of one trying way too hard to convince the world that they’ve uncovered the next big thing.

When in fact, what they are is a rubber flip flop, which is nothing to be ashamed of.