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Winter Survival Tips

For many, the ability to live the Flip Flop Life year-round gets mucked up every winter. 

The idea is to move to a place with sunny days year-round and a beach nearby. 

But for those that have to live through the cold, harsh reality of winter creativity is key.

Like umbrella drinksswimsuits and beach bunnies a flip flops natural habitat consists of warm sandy beaches and sun-soaked boardwalks. 

That doesn’t mean that you’ve got to pack your flip flops away for the winter along with your sunscreen, swimsuit, & MaiTai kit.  

The truth is that flip flops are needed even more during the winter than in the summer.

How can that be? Well, in summer we wear flip flops because they’re perfect for navigating sunny places and doing beachside things – they are a physical necessity. In winter they are emotional support. 

Here’s how to survive the winter and Live the Flip Flop Life:

Set the thermostat to 80 – This will provide that Summer-like ambiance needed to make your house feel like summer.

Fancy a Pacific breeze? Easy, crank the thermostat up to 90, fill a shallow baking dish with water and set it between you and the vent. Place a fan, set to low, behind the heat vent so that the fan blows the warm air across the pan of water and fills the room with a perfectly warm and slightly humid Pacific breeze. Ahhh. 

Hang a hammock across the living room – We suggest installing Eye Bolts directly into the studs in the wall on either side of your couch. Be sure to ask an expert about the weight rating of the eye bolts you purchase to ensure that they’ll be able to support you, the hammock, & a cold drink.

Once the hooks are in you can hang or remove the hammock whenever you fancy.

By hanging it directly above your couch you can create a sort of bunk bed with someone in the hammock and someone below on the couch. This can come in handy when company arrives unexpectedly.  

Make a summer drink – Mai-Thai’s are the easy go-to and can be made in bulk to prevent you from having to make a new one every time you find yourself parched and your glass empty.

Plus having a pitcher of Mai-Thai’s at the ready you can entertain a crowd on short notice. Once word gets out that it’s summer at your place your friends will show up ready for a beach party.

Flip Flop Life Soundtrack  Cue up the Flip Flop Daily Spotify playlist and enjoy our expertly curated mix of Flip Flop Life music as you enjoy your own personal summer. 

Sunscreen – This is more important than you may think and is easily overlooked however it is critically important.

Our sense of smell is strongly tied to memory and for most of us, the smell of sunscreen is the smell of summer. So lather it on.

Swim Suit – We’ve all heard the old adage that you should dress for the job you want and not the job you have unless of course you want to be a firefighter and are working as an accountant. 

There’s some truth to this so pop on your swimsuit.

Flip Flops – If you’re not sure which flops to choose to check out these reviews of a few of our favorite summer flip flops: Olukai OhanaHari Mari DunesReef SurferMtzyoa Flamingo, or Ipanema’s.

Use the “Get A Pair” button at the end of each review to order your very own pair or two or three. Imagine the anticipation as you wait for your little box of sunshine to arrive on your frozen doorstep in the dead of winter. 

And there you have it, your Flip Flop Life winter survival guide.

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