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Mtzyoa Flamingo Review – Attention Grabber


Trolling for a good time


Mtzyoa Flamingo











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California – the perfect place to show off that beach bod year-round. Dressed to impress, ready to catch the eye of some sexy stranger, one must have equally enticing flip flops. As I prepared for yet another day in the sun my flip flop choice was no challenge. These flip flops were it.

I’m single and ready to skip the mingle.

A color that pops in the sea of other beach-goers? Check. These flip flops sport a minty green that is sure to catch everyone’s attention as you’re walking past – and it’ll be wanted attention, too. Who wouldn’t want to be wearing a bold, fresh color like that? How about a design that speaks to your fun, flirty personality? Check, once again. I’m single and ready to skip the mingle. With pink flamingos and palm trees printed all over, there’s no way anyone could ignore your clear message: I’m single and ready to skip the mingle. The Mtzyoa Flamingo flop flop’s looks are not to be questioned. Looks are what they’re all about.

but…well, they don’t exactly scream “low-maintenance.”

One of the pros of these flip flops is that they have the ability to hold that sexy stranger’s attention so as to distract from the obvious discomfort expressed on the wearer’s face. You see, these flip flops are not comfortable. As someone who consistently wears a women’s size 8, I found that the edges of these flip flops sliced into the sides of my feet. Instead of curving around my feet, like they are obviously meant to, these flip flops cut uncomfortably into the very edges of my sole. Really, they’re near perfect. Alas, they aren’t, therefore they’re not.

Another thing I realized while wearing these is that if this stranger you’re trying to entice is laid back, you’re screwed. I found myself feeling as if I was trying way too hard in these flip flops. I mean, for sure, they had the style, but… well, they don’t exactly scream “low-maintenance.” While pink flamingos and palm trees are fun and flirty, they also come with a “little too much to handle” vibe. 

But, if your sexy stranger doesn’t mind, is a bit too dense to notice the look of discomfort on your face, and is just looking for a good time? These are the flip flops to go for. Alternatively, if you don’t mind the fit and comfort issue and love the pattern, and don’t necessarily have a sexy stranger in mind, you can wear these flip flops to the beach for a boost of self-confidence!