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Flip Flop Life - Work from the beach

Flip Flop Life – Work from the beach

Work from home is now a reality for most people all over the world. It’s becoming the norm for companies to let you work anytime, from anywhere if you send your deliverables and show up to virtual “meetings.” For all the inconveniences that the sudden shift in the way we work caused, one unseen benefit is that where “home” is completely depends on you.  

Without changing your career path, you could easily pack up a suitcase and work from a home or hotel anywhere across the country.  

You could even take it further and travel abroad, embracing a full digital nomad lifestyle. Back in 2007, productivity guru Tim Ferriss’ book “The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9–5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich,” became a cult classic. He shared a detailed plan to create an automated business and run it from a beach house overseas, such as in Indonesia or the Philippines.  

It’s a bit eerie that 15 years later, his vision is coming true all over the world. The islands of Bali and Siargao, little dots of paradise in the middle of the ocean, are now home to thousands of Americans and Europeans who are living the Flip Flop Life. They call these beautiful islands home.  

Thousands of people are choosing to live the Flip Flop Life – to work at the beach, where going on vacation is just a matter of folding your laptop. They enjoy endless days of sea, sand and surf while still staying connected to their lives on the opposite hemisphere. They are living the good life and still making money. You can join them too.  

Before you pack your bags and head for the airport, you really need to think about if Flip Flop Life is really for you. Some of the cons would be less access to services and goods (no, Amazon does not ship here), and giving up some of the comforts of your cushy city life. Internet and mobile access is also a bit slower over there, so get ready to grow your patience.  

If you can live with these little sacrifices and you’re brave enough to pull the trigger and make the big move, you’ll be rewarded with memories to last a lifetime.  

Here are 7 reasons you should live the Flip Flop Life and work from the beach.  

1. Leave all your stress in the city 

If you have a million things running through your mind 24/7 and constantly feel like you just need a break, beach life might be for you. Imagine leaving all the chores, problems and stress behind and getting the chance to start fresh? A change in environment can do wonders for your mental health, so if you could improve your living and working environment, why wouldn’t you?  

2. You get an unbeatable view 

Whether you’re looking out at the palm trees and ocean while writing up a paper or making all your colleagues jealous with the best background at your next team video call, you just can’t beat the beauty of the beach. Every moment at the beach, from the cotton candy-colored sunrise to the magical nights lit by millions of stars, is pure magic.  

Being surrounded by some of nature’s most beautiful wonders makes it hard to feel bad, no matter how stressed you are. It makes even the most mundane tasks relaxing and enjoyable.  

3. You can easily decompress 

After office means soaking in a gorgeous island sunset. You can easily release stress with a nice walk on the beach or happy hour at the resorts. There are countless activities you can try, like beach yoga to find your Zen, fishing, sailing or surfing to help keep your mind off work and focused on truly living. In this regard, beach life is the best life.  

4. You can improve your overall health  

Escaping to a country with better weather boosts your mood and levels of serotonin. Living closer to the beach, where there’s higher levels of oxygen, and cleaner air is proven to improve sleep and combat depression and anxiety. Plus, you’re also more likely to exercise and engage in physical activity. 

5. Experience a new culture 

Traveling around the world is still limited right now. By working abroad instead, you can experience a totally new culture while still staying safe. There is an entire world of fantastic art, food, nightlife and experiences to enjoy. While working from a beach abroad, you can not only enjoy the beauty of nature but also immerse yourself in a vibrant new culture.  

6. Meet interesting new people 

While you’re away from the comfort zone that is your normal life, you’re bound to make new friends with locals and people from all over the world who are living the Flip Flop Life too. Meeting and connecting with all these fascinating people and hearing their stories is another attraction of its own. You’ll make friends for life.   

7. You’ll save money  

Big cities have a lot going for them in terms of convenience, but higher taxes and more expensive housing mean bigger bills. If you move from a developed country to a less developed one, you can easily cut your expenses in half. You can live a better life while spending way less. Your friends back home will think you’re living like a millionaire but in reality, you’d only be spending a fraction of the cost.  

If these all sound good to you, it’s just a matter of picking your destination and packing your bags. The Flip Flop Life is waiting for you.  
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