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How to Do Life Right for the New Year

How to Do Life Right for the New Year

The New Year invites us to step into the unknown. The New Year is a blank page – a fresh beginning where possibilities are endless. 

You’re invited to let go of whatever baggage you were carrying from the past year. It’s time for a new adventure.  

This carefree, unattached, easy spirit is exactly what flip flops are all about. You might not immediately think flip flops and philosophy go hand in hand but hear us out.  

At Flip Flop Daily, we have a philosophy of our own. We believe in Doing Life Right, whatever that looks like for you. It could be grinding in the city chasing a dream that inspires you or taking it easy on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Maybe even both. There’s no wrong way to dream or live, and cliché as it may be we really believe anything you can dream is possible. 

This year, claim it: You deserve to live the life of your dreams! Whether you’re getting close to that vision or still have a long way to go, there are ways to Do Life Right today.  

Flip flops remind us to work toward the future while also taking care of ourselves in the moment. They encourage us to lighten up and to play.  

You can’t use flip flops for formal or corporate events. That’s the point. Life’s not all about work. It’s about enjoying the world and all it has to offer too. That’s what it means to Do Life Right.  

Want in on the good life? Here are three ways you can Do Life Right for the New Year: 

1. Inspire your imagination with a living vision board  

If you’ve heard of vision boards, you’re part of one of either two camps – those who believe or those who think it’s garbage. While some life coaches and gurus have made vision boards a bit cheesy, there really is value to constantly reminding your subconscious of what you want.  

One new way to inspire your vision is by creating a 3D vision board. How might you do that, you ask? Fill your living space with reminders of your dreams.  

Want to be a director? Display a camera or clapperboard by your workspace. Want to have kids? Display art in your room featuring happy families or put some toys in a corner of your bedroom. Dream of going on an exotic beach vacation? Leave a pair of flip flops by your doorway. These will inspire your imagination and invite in a reality where your toes are in the sand. Mmm…, I can already taste the cold, fresh coconut. 

2. Create your best life today by investing in your overall wellness  

This year, do life right by taking care of your mind, body and soul. When we have a sound mind in a sound body, we’re free to live our best lives. Achieving overall wellness should be a top priority because it’s one surefire way to improve your life right now.  

Health determines so much of our experience on this planet. It affects the pain or pleasure that we feel and our capacity for activities we enjoy. Our mental health paints the picture of how we see our daily life. The mind interprets every experience and encounter that we have, creating a mental story behind it. When you don’t take care of your mind, things can get really ugly real fast. You can spiral downwards in negative thoughts that rob you of happiness.   

Don’t let yourself reach that point. Take breaks when you need to and schedule in time to do things you really love. Place reminders around your workspace that you have a life outside of your office cubicle or home office desk. This gives you visual cues that remind you to breathe and take time off when things get too stressful. 

Having a pair of flip flops under your desk is a great way to quickly change from work to wellness mode. Just slip off your loafers or heels, slip into your comfy flip flops and head on to the spa, pool or gym once you clock out.  

The three second ritual of changing your footwear can help signal your mind that it’s time to relax. While it may seem like such a small thing, the effects add up over time making you happier and more relaxed overall. Adding these little pockets of joy to your everyday life will improve the year significantly.  

3. Be grateful for the present moment 

The past year made me realize that life is short and fragile. Think about anyone you know who has recovered from a life-threatening illness or injury. Don’t they always come out of it so much more grateful to be alive?  

You don’t need to wait until you’re close to death to feel that way. Gratitude will enrich every waking moment of your life. It can transform mundane, routine experiences into magic. Trust me. Just try on the lens of gratitude and you’ll feel like you’re seeing another world.  

Life is better when you’re in a positive mood. Among all the positive emotions, gratitude is the easiest to access. We all know how it feels to be grateful. It spreads warmth throughout your body and makes your heart smile. We can tap into that at any given time. 

No matter how little you have, there’s always something to be grateful for – having a roof over your head, food to eat or simply being alive. When we can train ourselves to choose gratitude in every moment, we can really Do Life Right all the time.  

Here at Flip Flop Daily we are grateful for you. That’s why we encourage you to celebrate life, keep moving forward and have fun along the way. Through our work providing reviews, advice and insights, we hope you discover your flip flop life.  

We hope these tips inspire you to Do Life Right this year. As always, we’re here to provide you with the best flip flop reviewsflip flop advice and flip flop philosophy so you can live your best life. 

Cheers to the new year!