Key to Flip Flop Bliss – The Art Of Napping

The nap is a lost art. Why has the very idea of an adult taking a nap become so taboo? Many adults would rather admit to being an alcoholic, dog kicker, or disco lover before ever confessing to being a daily napper. The very idea of a nap in a professional setting brings with it a stigma of laziness, unproductivity, and sloth. No matter what they may say, your boss will most [...]

Halloween – My Shot

Halloween is my least favorite holiday. I don’t think it even qualifies as a holiday in the true sense of the word. Now, there’s nothing wrong with kids dressing up and roaming the neighborhood in search of free candy. However, grown ups dressing up and wandering around in public makes me incredibly uncomfortable. Even as [...]

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Looking for a way to salvage a beautiful summer weekday from the perils of corporate cubicle life, a friend and I decided to ditch work early and meet at the ball-park to catch a day game. I love baseball. The pace of play is perfect for sipping beer, snacking and chatting with friends. Being a [...]

Seattle Summers – Fishing in Hunters

Summer is the only reason most of us live in the Seattle area. Some may argue the point with stories of amazing winter skiing opportunities; of which there are many. But not enough to offset the dark, wet, gray, days of Fall, Winter, and early Spring. Soul crushing days with only 8 hours of daylight [...]

Family Vacation – Tropical Paradise

The drinking pair criteria. First they can’t look like a drinking pair, then you’re that slob at the resort who’s there to just drink at the pool bar and objectify the .. yeah. The drinking pair also naturally need a solid base due to potential loss of balance. Styling. They need that sort of James [...]