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Flojo Alonzo Review – They’re Fine


Whenever good enough is good enough



Flojo Alonzo Review











Overall Performance


Vanilla ice cream, Toyota Camry, ball point pens and grape jelly share the same affliction. They are each –  just fine. Few people get excited about any of them yet no one hates them. As a kid, when I’d be at a friend’s house and his parents would ask, “who wants ice cream!?” my excitement at the idea of ice cream held steady after learning that it was “just vanilla” rather than launching through the stratosphere as would happen with many of the other more exciting flavors. Vanilla ice cream is still ice cream after all and I ate it and enjoyed it but my joy could have gone higher.

“This is better than the disappointment of learning that the new car is a minivan…”

The same is true for the Toyota Camry. When a friend calls to tell me he bought a new car my mind runs through all the amazing possibilities. When I learn that it is a Camry my excitement holds – it doesn’t increase. This is better than the disappointment of learning that the new car is a minivan, yet it is not as good as it could be. It’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with a Camry it is a good, sensible, reliable car that will likely last a long time. But if asked if I want to stop what I’m doing and go for a ride in the new Camry…no thanks. I’m fine waiting for when it’s their turn to drive for the morning carpool. The same scenario plays out for ballpoint pens and grape jelly. All fine, just not much to be excited about.

Every now and then I come across a scoop of vanilla, a Camry, ball point pen, or slather of grape jelly that makes me do a double take. This is not my experience with the Flojo (pronounced Flow Hoe) Alonzo flip flop. I ‘d heard of the brand from a rather hip friend of mine. He told me they’d had a cult following years ago in Southern California but were making a comeback. I’d never heard of them but figured I’d pick up a pair if I came across them, which I did soon after.

“They work fine for life’s mundane activities.“

I went into my Flojo’s relationship with pretty low expectations and haven’t been disappointed. Their styling is simultaneously confident and awkwardly shy like an actor off stage. They are reasonably well made, the leather is soft and durable. They aren’t going to turn any heads but won’t turn any stomach’s either. They are – fine.

Details such as the soft fabric lined straps make for a chafe free journey. Yet there is a bit too much play between the strap, foot and footbed so there’s a toe curl issue but even that is fine. The traction works fine in both wet and dry. They’re fine for a trip to the grocery store or lunch with friends. They work fine for life’s mundane activities.

Overall, the Flojo Alonzo is fine. Go in with that expectation and you won’t be disappointed and might even be surprised.