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Flojos Messi Review – Euro Cush


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Flojos Messi review











Overall Performance


Flojos tends to produce solid, middle of the road, flip flops. Apart from their very unique  original sandals their flip flops tend to blend in

There is nothing wrong with this of course, in fact, this often brings comfort in knowing that you’re getting a solid pair of flip flops that won’t draw a lot of attentionThis is not the case with the Flojos Messi.  

Even the name, most likely named after world renowned soccer (football) player Lionel Messi, tells you that these are not going to be your ordinary pair of Flojos flip flopsThough Mr. Messi is Argentinian I can’t help but conclude that the design of these is strictly European. 

There’s no easy way to get around their styling. Their dark mustard yellow leather sole, strap and footbed approaches alarming. In my first journey in them I was told, unsolicited, that it looked as if I’d spilled mustard on my flip flops. How I wish the color was the only issue with their appearance.  

Had I read the fine print I would have seen that the full name of this Flojos creation is, “Flojos Messi: Flared Strap With Side Cut Details.” I cannot think of a better way to describe them, yet it doesn’t quite do them justice. 

As is the case with many of Katy Perry’s, Bjork’s or Elton John’s outfits, it is apparent that much effort went into their design, creation, and construction yet the end result isn’t something that most of us would feel comfortable wearing in public.  

Moving past their styling it is clear that these are very well-made flip flops. The fit is snug and solid and true to size. As is the case with other Flojos we’ve reviewed the toe box is truncated which leaves the big toe a bit too close to and often peering over the edge. This isn’t ideal however it’s not a huge issue given the overall excellent fit. 

The leather (I think it’s leather) is soft and supple. The strap is fabric lined to prevent chafing. The footbed is made of the same cozy/soft leather and provides both supreme comfort and incredible grip between foot and footbed.  

The hard rubber outer sole is thick and durable with an impressive wavy traction design that provides confidence on all surfaces, wet and dry. The mid-sole is soft yet firm and embraces the foot with each step before providing a slight spring, eager for the next step. Step after step, these flip flops feel amazingly comfortable.  

The comfort they provide is very different from the lazy, corpulent, nacho cheese fueled comfort produced by better known “comfort” flip flops such as the Crocs Modi Sport FlipThe Flojos Messi provides an active comfort. Like an eager yellow lab begging you to take him for a walk. 

So, where do the Flojos Messi land? As good as their construction, traction, and comfort aretheir styling is a huge problem. 

The combination of color and “European-inspired” styling have forced me to leave them at home on most day-time walks. If you can stomach the look then go for it, you will not be disappointed.