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Frye Theo Eva Flip Flop – Meh


Fanatic brand devotion


Frye Theo Eva











Overall Performance


For nearly a decade, Frye boots dominated women’s footwear fashion.

Their high-quality leather knee-high boots were worn by fashionable young and younger women at work, at the club, and pretty much everywhere in between.

Countless knockoffs emerged to try and cash in on the trend but Frye made the boot that they wanted.

That trend has run its course and, as we’ve been saying all along, flip flops are always “in.” The fashion world has caught up with us on this as evidenced by Vogue’s most recent flip flop filled spring fashion guide.

So, in an attempt to remain relevant, Frye has taken a step toward the flip flop life with the Theo Eva flip flop. Frye’s signature clean look, simple lines, and top-quality leather nearly carry through to the Theo Eva.

The streamlined leather strap is a shy nod to Frye’s legacy. The Frye double mirrored “F” logo is placed discreetly at the front of the strap, just above the toe post, to make sure that those in the know recognize them as Frye’s.

Disappointingly, Frye’s signature leather is only used on the straps.

The footbed is made of a slightly textured rubber that is as nearly flat and featureless as the Nebraska prairie.

There is a half-hearted “Y” shaped ridge reaching lazily between the ball of the foot and first two toes, like a hazy reflection of support seen on well-made flip flops. Here, its purpose and impact are like our appendix – neither needed nor useful.

The fit is apathetic at best. The high-quality leather straps are too loose and the footbed feels practical but uninspired, like vanilla ice milk.

The soles are solid and provide good traction. But even that adds to the overall “meh” vibe.

I understand and appreciate Frye’s attempt to enter the flip flop life, but this offer feels like a shoulder shrug of small talk at a work offsite. They have no real point and no passion.

I’d love to see Frye go back to the drawing board and create a Frye worthy leather flip flop; either that or scratch it all together and focus on making boots.

Any more ambivalent flip flops like these will only ruin their well-earned reputation.