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Hari Mari Brazos II: Everything They Need to Be




Hari Mari Brazos II flip flops











Overall Performance


After living in Indonesia for a couple of years, a husband and wife team founded Hari Mari.  

They did what any normal couple with an unhealthy obsession for flip flops would do: they built their own! 

Paying homage to their previous home, an Indonesian and a Latin word are combined to form Hari Mari. 

In Indonesian, Hari means “from the sun.” The Latin word Mari means “of the sea.” That makes the meaning of Hari Mari is “of the sun and the sea.” Perfect for flip flops to take on countless adventures. 

Reviewing the Hari Mari Brazos II flip flops hammered home the point to me that Hari Mari knows flip flops like no one else. This water focused flip flop is everything they need to be and nothing that they don’t. 

Light weight and water loving, the Brazos II are made for the beach and pool. The all rubber footbed and sole are feather light without being gossamer thin. In fact, they are quite the opposite and provide plenty of separation between your foot and whatever might be on the beach or pool deck. Yet they are light enough to float in water. 

The footbed is etched with a wave pattern of deep grooves that provide ample traction between foot and footbed, even in the wettest of conditions, ensuring that the flip flops remain on with every step. The outsole has an even more tightly and more deeply embossed tidepool wave pattern from toe to heel which gives solid footing on sand, cement, tile, and wood in both wet and dry conditions. 

The easy wearing wide strap, with trademarked memory foam toe post, sports a waterproof leather upper and supremely comfortable memory foam on the inside. The combo make for a great looking and incredibly comfortable water loving flip flop. 


The only downside of these flip flops is that the strap. Since it is made of cozy memory foam, it absorbs water and remains wet for a while. This isn’t a huge issue and can be nice on a hot summer day. However, it does make for cold feet when transitioning from the beach to an indoor air conditioned happy hour. Sigh…such is the price of perfection. 

Another of Hari Mari’s strengths is in their styling. The pair of Brazo’s I reviewed are a nice blue, between sky and navy. It is so refreshing to have men’s flip flops in colors other than boring brown or black. Thankfully, Hari Mari is not afraid to add some color to the Flip Flop Life


The fit is true to size however, for our larger sized feet there is a bit too much space between the toe and the end of the shoe. This is a common issue with many larger sized flip flops (or for folks with big feet) and causes the toe to clip and catch on the ground when walking and can result in a nasty fall. 

Fortunately for the Hari Mari Brazos II the toe clipping is minimal, however it is there, so we are forced to mark it accordingly in the review. Hopefully Hari Mari can follow the lead of Olukai who seem to have solved this issue in their flip flops. 

Hari Mari has shown time and time again that they know how to live the Flip Flop Life. You’ll recall that the Hari Mari Dunes received the first annual Flip Flop of The Year Award and to top that with their Hari Mari x Peter Millar flip flop taking the honor again in 2019

The Brazos II is another masterful offering from the amazing folks at Hari Mari. If you are going anywhere near the water, these are the flip flops to bring with you. I wore mine on a fly-fishing trip. They were exactly the right choice. The memory foam strap that holds onto the water was a life saver in the blazing sun on the boat that day. When I got too hot I’d dunk the shoes into the icy cold river, soaking the straps and slip them back on and enjoy my own personal flip flop a/c. It was Life Done Right. 

Summer isn’t over yet and it’s not too late to get yourself a pair. Think of it as required reading for your perfect Flip Flop Life Summer.