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Hari Mari Meadows: The Queen of Flip Flops


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If you’re the type of person who wears flip flops around your house, then you know how important it is to find the best pair. After all, you want to be able to dance in them whenever you want—and not just on the beach. 

The best flip flops are those that feel good and look good, which is why we’ve chosen Hari Mari Meadows for our list of the best ones on the market.  

Winning Flip Flop of the Year multiple times makes us dub Hari Mari Meadows as the Queen of Flip Flops. But don’t just take our word for it. Read on to find out what makes Hari Mari Meadows – simply the best. Then go ahead and get yourself a pair to experience the Hari Mari difference yourself! 

Hari Mari Meadows, it’s no secret that we here at Flip Flop Daily are big fans of Hari Mari. The fact that they’ve won the Flip Flop of the Year Award for two consecutive years attests to this fact. However, their reputation is well earned. Hari Mari’s devotion to elevating, but not alienating, the flip flop is remarkable. They seem to be able to simultaneously raise the bar while welcoming all comers. 

After being featured in the most well-known fashion magazine, Vogue, I suspect that Hari Mari might be tempted to slip into the niche world of “designer” footwear. They could create “fashion” flip flops and charge nonsense prices to appeal to those looking to brandish logos and impress the impressionable. But that isn’t who Hari Mari is and, more importantly, it seems that it isn’t who they want to be. 

“My feet look good in these, like, really good.” 

The challenge with this path is keeping up the pace of innovation and elegance. Very few creators can maintain a sense of freshness and relevance time and time again. So, we’ve been curious to see how Hari Mari could approach, let alone, top their award-winning Men’s Dune’s and x Peter Millar creations. 

The answer is both obvious and brilliant. The Hari Mari Women’s Meadows in black. This is a truly elegantly styled and everyday practical flip flop. Slipping them on, my feet are transformed from their boring old selves into an effortlessly elegant version of themselves. My feet look good in these, like really good. 

The footbed is perfectly soft and perfectly feminine without being helplessly girly or weak. These flip flops tell me that Hari Mari knows that women rule. They know that we’re every bit as tough, hardworking, and capable as anyone, often more so. Don’t mistake our femininity with weakness, in fact it is exactly the opposite. 

The Meadows are thin and sophisticated in design and construction. The straps and memory foam toe post provide comfort, support, and beauty. The out soles display a sunburst Hari Mari logo and offer sufficient traction on wet or dry surfaces – but seem to crave the beach. 

If you are looking for just one pair of flip flops that you can wear anywhere and everywhere for any occasion, the Meadows are it. Hari Mari seems to have done it again, this time elevating the feminine flip flop but welcoming all.