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Havaianas Slim Glitter Flip Flop Review – Glitter Bomb


Beach – Pool – Summer


Havaianas Slim Glitter











Overall Performance


Pink: the color of Barbie and lipstick. While I once may have enjoyed brandishing the blushing shade, it no longer gives me the joy it once did. With that said, I can see how some younger girls with a love for the color may jump up and down in excitement at the sight of the Havaianas Slim Glitter flip flops. With pink sole and footbed, pink glitter sprinkled all along the strap, these flip flops scream “My Little Pony: Beach Edition”. 

Needless to say, I’m clearly not the target demographic for these flip flops. I tend to wear colors that are less loud, and I don’t particularly like glitter, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate that they might be the perfect pair for a different kind of person. Specifically, someone either between the ages of six and ten, or an aunt that wants to look glamorous in pink for the summer. The only real downside about these flip flops though, and the reason I hate glitter, is that once they arrive, you’ll start finding glitter in all sorts of random locations in your house for the next several months. (Seriously, how does glitter manage to get on absolutely everything?) But, if you’re somebody that adores pink and likes to make a statement, or you’re looking for a pair of flip flops for your younger niece or daughter, these flip flops might just be exactly what you’re looking for.

“Pink: the color of Barbie and lipstick.”

These flip flops are loud, and they’re meant to be. How else are you supposed to make your summer statement? Unfortunately, that does mean that these flip flops do try just a little too hard for them to give off any “I Don’t Give A Fuck” energy, unless you’re a woman in your thirties wanting to wear a pink glitter bomb on your feet to make a statement about how little you care about the judgmental stares of your peers. But hey, you do you. 

Just as important as the look of a flip flop is its fit. If the straps are too tight, or the size not quite right, you could end up with blisters, cuts, or callouses where you might not want them. However, Havaianas, ever reliable, doesn’t have this problem. These flip flops fit just as one would expect them to. With enough space for your toes and enough looseness in the strap to prevent blistering while still fitting snugly on your feet, these flip flops passed the fit test with flying colors. The only thing that would make them more comfortable would be if the footbed molded to your feet overtime, but that isn’t really the point of these flip flops. 

“Summertime is for comfort, play, and relaxation, and these flip flops have it all.”

No, these flip flops are made for summer bathing and hot beach days, which makes them perfectly practical for getting wet and having a good time. Summertime is for comfort, play, and relaxation, and these flip flops have it all. Not only are they perfect for keeping your feet off the hot sand, but once you hit pavement, the traction they give is phenomenal. Even when wet, you don’t need to worry about slipping and falling, ensuring the safety of all the bright-eyed little girls that might want to wear these flip flops near the water. 

All in all, even despite very obviously not being the right person for these flip flops, they’re as good a flip flop as any. Perfect for the beach or the pool, or any other summertime activity, with reliable traction and a classic Havaianas fit, these flip flops would make for a perfect summer gift. Keep in mind, however, that pink isn’t everyone’s color, and not everybody wants to spend their summer picking glitter out of their furniture.