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Hunter Original Flip Flop – Imperial Comfort


Yachting, shopping, beach, country club


Hunter Original











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Over the past decade, Hunter turned the knee-high rubber work boot, born of necessity when working in and amongst the muck, into a must-have fashion piece for the aspiring aristocrat.

Make money is exactly what Hunter did.

While the working man can best the aristocrat when it comes to physical labor, the aristocrat often bests the working man when it comes to making money. Make money is exactly what Hunter did.

Adding the word HUNTER in black block letters on a white rectangular background framed with a tastefully thin red border was all it took to transform a $15 boot into a $150 boot.

Apart from being “seen”, this boot’s life ambition was to transport its well-healed occupant from her Bentley, across the Harrod’s valet parking circle, and into the shop on a mildly moist day being careful to avoid any puddles lest she soils her Hunters.

Hunter has given the same treatment to the common flip flop.

I’ll confess that I started down this path certain that I would hate these flip flops and all they stood for.

I was eager to take them to task for turning a $5 smuggle into a $45 flip flop by slapping the “HUNTER” logo on a disposable thong.

But then they arrived on my doorstep. Much as Cinderella arrived at the ball. My eyes locked onto the crystal-clear plastic box embraced by a very tasteful “HUNTER” cardboard band.

The flip flops very much on display inside. By all outward appearances these were just flip flops but viewed through that clear plastic sarcophagus they were every bit as beautiful and alluring as Sleeping Beauty herself.

I was startled when I heard myself say, “Oh…my.” Surprisingly, these are among the most comfortable flip flops I’ve worn. Incredibly, each flip flop weighs just 93 grams.

Compare that with the Chaco Waypoint at 345g each and you get the idea.

These flip flops are light. They feel like being barefoot on kittens. Only the satisfying, “slap, slap, slap” of each stride reminds me that I am indeed wearing flip flops. Plus, they look grand.

The foot bed of these jet-black flip flops is gently textured with a bit of a ridge between the big toe and the other little piggy’s, tapering from the thong in a gentle “Y” to provide a touch of support.

At the heel, the word HUNTER is embossed to show who they are and to provide a bit of added grip.

The thong itself is thin and pleasantly rubbery with a woven decoration interrupted by the arrogantly conspicuous HUNTER logo.

Make no mistake, these are HUNTER flip flops.

Could these flip flops navigate the streets of Calcutta as confidently as their $5 cousins?

Probably not. But they could certainly find their way across the Savoy’s cocktail lounge for another Bombay Sapphire and tonic and feel right at home doing it.

No doubt about it.