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Isla Colon, Panama: Permanent Vacation, Anybody

Isla Colon, Panama: Permanent Vacation, Anybody?

Permanent vacation – does it sound too good to be true? Well it isn’t just a pipeline dream anymore. With remote work being so common nowadays, more and more people are turning it into a reality. 

We’ve shared our piece on why you should live and work at the beach, and if you’re convinced like we are – here comes the fun part! Let’s talk about where to move.  

If you’re looking for somewhere that’s exotic yet still close to home – look no further than Panama. This is a beautiful country bordering the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Located within the American continent, Panama is easily accessible for US-based travelers. There are daily flights to Panama with travel time as short as just 3 hours.  

The Caribbean connotes a getaway for the rich and famous, yet you can experience the beauty and simple luxury of this region without breaking the bank. There are plenty of hidden gems where you can live the island life for less.  

Panama’s archipelago Bocas Del Toro close to the border of Costa Rica is home to a group of nine main islands and a hundred smaller islets. The most populated island is Isla Colon, which is also home to top destinations for ecological wonder and beaches.  

From Panama City, you can take a 45-minute flight to Bocas Town in Isla Colon. Bocas Town is the main city on the island where you can find ATMs and grocery stores. No matter where you visit on the island, you’ll have to come back here to access everyday needs. For those looking to settle in Isla Colon, Bocas Town is the place to be.  

Part archipelago and part mainland, Isla Colon is a different world. Hundreds of islands and smaller islets abound with lush rainforest. Most islands are uninhabited, letting you enjoy pure, unspoiled natural beauty.  

Bocas boasts many beaches with turquoise waters, white sands and coconut trees lining the shore. It’s the quintessential Caribbean picture painted by postcards, Instagram posts and vlogs.  

Except it’s real and surprisingly… affordable? There’s a thriving expat community on the island with a mix of retirees, twentysomethings and everything in between. A lot of them have set up businesses which add an international flavor to the island. The expat community in Isla Colon is very tight-knit and welcoming, and a couple can live here on a budget as small as $1,400 per month including rent.   

You’ll never run out of fun things to do and pretty things to look at in Isla Colon. Visit Playa Estrella or Starfish Beach – a perfect swimming beach where you can snorkel and be treated to countless starfish sightings.  

Playa Bluff has world-class surf and is a hub for the local sea turtle conservation efforts. On the way, stop by Paki Point a relaxed beach where you can grab a beer or cocktail.  

For those looking for poolside fun, head to Playa Tortuga, a beach resort with the largest oceanfront pool in the area. Enjoy stunning views of endless blue here and take a tip or sunbathe by the water.  

If you love taking pictures, don’t miss Boca Del Drago, a stunning beach with transparent waters and charming houses on stilts.  

With its natural beauty, welcoming community, and affordable standard of living – Bocas Town in Isla Colon, Panama is a great choice for your Flip Flop Life.  

Take the leap to Do Life Right and move to the beach, if that’s what you dream of. You can enjoy an excellent quality of life, for far less than you would spend on the same lifestyle in major cities.   

Before you head off, you’ll need to prepare your wardrobe for the tropics. Say goodbye to your stuffy suit and shoes and get ready to feel free in shorts and flip flops around the clock.   

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