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MukLuks Sport Review – Not Funny


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The best nick names are hilariously misleading. Just think of the fat guy called slim, the bald guy called curly, or the tall guy called tiny. Ha, everyone loves those nick names, classics each one.

Now suppose there was a shoe called MukLuk Sport, what image comes to mind? For me it’d be an Eskimo’s favorite pair of mushing boots. Well, the joke’s on me!

MukLuk Sport Review

The MukLuk Sport is actually…wait for it… A FLIP FLOP! Haha! Not only are they not remotely appropriate for winterwear they are incredibly un-sporty! Man, these guys are hilarious!

The MukLuk Sport flip flop is the flip flop equivalent of the squirting lapel flower, hand buzzer, or whoopee cushion.

The laughs don’t stop at the name though.

The laughs don’t stop at the name though.

Suppose you are a size 11 and you order a pair of these hilariously named MukLuk Sport flip flops in your size, 11, and they show up and they say “Size 11” on them but when you put them on they are a full size too small! Zing! Gotcha! Boy, what a laugh these guys are.

The styling is solidly Midwest and not even remotely Arctic despite the Eskimo inspired name.

That they are designated as Muk Luk“sport” flip flops is nothing short of bewildering. The only “sport” these MukLuk flip flops would be remotely appropriate for would be a cheesy nacho eating contest.

Maybe this is also part of the joke?

Given the comedic choice in sizing, traction was a moot point.

I wasn’t able to wear them without focusing on the fact that my foot spilled over the flip flop like the Exxon Valdez in Prince William sound. This made me begin to wonder about their sense of humor. Is it appropriate make jokes about oil covered seals and baby birds?

Probably not. That aside, the traction isn’t all that great. In fact, I felt like a well-oiled otter sliding down an oil-soaked rock. I just wanted them off of me.

You know, now that I think about it, these MukLuk Sport flip flops really aren’t funny at all.