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Puma Epic Review – Meow


Lounging around the house or running light errands


Puma Epic Review – Meow











Overall Performance


Puma’s “Epic” flip flops embody that wonderfully incongruent fashion trend known as “athleisure” – a combination of athletic and leisure. Each term, a trailhead leading in an opposite direction.

Yet, combined they make for the perfect lounge around the house companion.

The Puma Epic is made of a very lightweight and thin foam rubber sole with thin and softly padded fabric strap. No material was wasted in the creation of these flip flops.

All parts are just enough to complete them, there’s no extra anything, anywhere.

Like a climber prepping for the final ascent, everything packed is optimized for weight and range of motion – nothing is overlooked, down to the titanium spork. Every ounce matters.

While the Puma Epic seems prepped for action there is a strong sense that they’d rather just hang out at home.

Reminiscent of the “real” housewives who spend hours at the gym and in front of the mirror honing their beauty so that they can spend a day at home. They work hard for their looks yet go nowhere. Likewise, the Puma Epic is simultaneously athletic and at leisure.

Likewise, the Puma Epic is simultaneously athletic and at leisure.

The fit is true to size with a sleek athletic bent. They are so lightweight that it’s easy to forget they’re on at all.

The strap is perfectly placed and holds the foot gently in place while the just soft enough footbed provides a bit of cushion.

They styling is perfectly athleisure.

Puma Epic Review

The footbed and strap are a solid olive green with the Puma logo and name written across the entire length of the footbed from heel to toe.

The image of the Puma and half of the word “puma” are printed on the left shoe and the bottom half of the word is printed on the right shoe. So, when the flip flops sit side by side the whole word “PUMA” is visible.

It’s a pretty neat and unique way to display the name and logo and enhances the overall athletic inspired styling.

Because the entire footbed, inner sole and outer sole are all one piece of foam rubber the traction isn’t great, but it is adequate, especially if meant to be worn lounging around the house or running some light errands.

The overall comfort of the Epic betrays the athletic façade.

These suckers are meant for comfort and they deliver. Being so light weight with soft fabric straps and soft footbeds they feel almost cozy and beg to be worn in-doors and make a perfect pair of house slippers.

If anyone drops by and sees these on your feet, they’ll assume that you’re either on your way to the gym or just getting back.

Let them think what they want. You’ll know that the Puma Epic are the perfect fit for your athleisurely lifestyle.